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How To Dress Up Pets For An Outdoor Party?

In today’s time, usually everybody admires the pets in their homes and considers them as a part of family especially if they are cats or dogs. When it comes to outdoor theme parties whether you’re giving or attending a deck party, courtyard bash or an evening get-together, dressing up your cat and dog is essential to mark an ever-lasting impression on your guests.

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Your pets should be dressed in a way that won’t be distressing or cause any trouble to their bodies and at the same time make them look more lovable. It is rightly said that a man can be judged by the way he treats his animals and so we are giving you some advices on how you can dress up pets for an outdoor party.

Generally, the costumes for pets are made out of the already available wardrobe and could include sweaters, foot wears, socks, t-shirts, jeans and leggings, etc. depending on any required theme.

Dressing up cat:

The idea discussed here for a cat costume is super cool and very easy to make. This costume will certainly make your cat catch attention at the party.

Step 1: First, you have to get an old legging, cool sweater and a sock for the tail. All these must be available in your old wardrobe and will result into a unique fashion for your cat.

Step 2: Try the available sweater or shirt on your cat and then resize all of the available stuff according to the size of your cat.

Step 3: Dress up the cat with the sweater and the leggings with the tail stuffed in the sock.

Step 4: For a little fancy touch and stylishness to the whole outfit a tie and a cap could also be added with a bow and glitter.

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Dressing up dog:

Dog’s costumes available in markets and shops are generally very expensive. One of the perfect and easiest ways to make dog clothes for an outdoor party is given below.

Step 1: Take an old sweater, jacket or any shirt from the wardrobe and cut off the shoulder part without excision the collar. Make sure the neck size of the sweater matches the size of your dog’s neck.

Step 2: Keep the fabric of legging/jeans on the cutout of the sweater and draw the structure on the sweater covering the stomach area.

Step 3: Cut off the excess fabric around the sweater and the bottom which will leave you with a patch that will fit the body of the dog.

Step 4: Enlarge the outfit with buttons, longbows or appliqués for a cute look. A tie can be added to the party outfit however this is just an additional option. Cut the tie short according to the size of your dog and evolve that around the stripe.

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All these costumes can be further tailored and personalized according to your requirements however these are the basics to reach any outfit for cats and dogs.

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