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How To Do Dog Flap Installation?

A dog door also known as pet flap is a small entrance or opening in a wall or door to let pets enter and leave the house on their own without requiring any human help. Pet doors are mostly planned and designed in a way that is very safe for any pet to use without hurting them in any way. These dog doors are an essential feature for homes where there are pets and a connecting fence yard. Dog doors cut the need for the owners of the pet to take them out and ultimately decrease the responsibility of the pet owner.

The idea of dog flap installation is very cheap and saves the owners from trouble however this may not always be ample for large, rowdy pets. The panels’ sheets of the door are often designed with the soft aluminum sheets that don’t trap or hurt the animal.

Steps for installing the dog flap:

Fitting a dog door or pet gate in a wall or door is an easy job and gives your pet their desired freedom to freely roam and wander without disturbing their owners. Putting in place a pet door can be done by following the simple steps that are discussed below.

Step # 1

Determine where you want to place the door and make sure the place should be safe for your dog. Measure the belly height of your dog from ground level to his base to find the correct height of the door opening adding an extra 2 inches to your calculation.

dog flap installation

Step # 2

A dog door usually comes with a template so just find the size for your door and cut along the lines. Decide where on the door you’d like the opening to be and attach the template to the door in that location. Mark the points of the dog door to be placed with the help of a pen or pencil on the door. It should be close enough to the ground that the dog can pass through it.

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Step # 3

Now with the help and use of a drill machine and a wood cutter cut out the outlined spaces of the door which were marked earlier. Continue cutting the outlined space neatly until you have removed the wooden square piece of door. Place the frame of dog door in the hole to form a tunnel and passage through the door. In case of hard steel doors jigsaw machines might be needed to use in the cutting process.

dog door fitting

Step # 4

Fix the dog door in the empty space of the wall or door and fix it with the available screws until it is confirmed that the door is fixed perfectly. You must now have a finalized pet door in your main door. You should let the dog pass through the tunnel as a lot of pet’s fears at start to move through the doors however these have proved to be one of the most useful contraptions for the pets.

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If you are not much aware of using the equipment to install the dog door, you can hire a professional to get it done in a better and professional way.

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