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Cat abscess

How To Get Cat Abscess Treatment?

Cat abscess is a very common form of bacterial infection that can occur in cats. Abscess appears in the form of pus-filled pocket and seems very disturbing. Cat abscess becomes very uncomfortable and threatening is left unattended. Not only it affects the outer skin but it also gives way to severe inflammation in the internal area of the skin.

Abscess is basically formed when the white cells accumulate at any certain area and the blood flow is increased to a very high extent towards that area. Abscess can be formed in any area of the cat’s body. Abscess might form on the skin, gums and even on the internal organs such as liver, etc. The bacteria that cause abscess in cats are known by the names of:

  • Streptococci
  • Staphylococci

How cat abscess is formed?

Cat abscess is very common in those cats that indulge in fights and get scratched or bitten by other cats. The main cause of the cat abscess is a cat’s bite. Cat’s bite is contaminated with bacteria, that’s why, whenever a cat bites another cat or a human being, that bacteria is transferred to the bitten living being. The biggest issue is that cat’s bite gets okay with the passage of time but the dangerous bacteria that entered the body with the bite remains intact inside the body. Due to heated body temperature, those bacteria increase in number and when the antibodies try to fight off these bacteria, the white blood cells start becoming dead. More and more white blood cells are attracted towards this specific part and convert into an abscess.

Cat abscess-symptoms:

If your cat shows the following symptoms then it means that it’s suffering from cat abscess:

  • The affected area is very high in temperature and it seems swollen
  • The fur will not be present on the abscess and the area would be red in color
  • The cat will register high fever
  • Anorexia
  • Loss of energy, dull feeling
  • No interest in routine activities
  • If the abscess is on the leg then the cat would be unable to walk or stand for long durations

Cat abscess

You must keep in mind that there are many cases where the masters didn’t even knew about the presence of abscess on their cat’s body part. If your cat is not behaving normally, then its best to seek the advice of a reliable vet.

How to diagnose abscess?

When you will take the cat to the vet, he will administer a physical exam and then he will take the pus sample from the abscess so he can find out the real bacteria that became the cause for that abscess. After finding out about the bacteria, the vet will suggest antibiotics for the abscess treatment.

abscess treatment

If the abscess remains full then the vet will perform a surgery in which the pus will be sucked out of the abscess. Along with the suction of the pus, necrotic tissue would also be removed from the affected area and then antiseptic solution will be applied.

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