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how to crate train your puppy

How To Crate Train Your Dog? Easy Solution!

Crate training is not an easy task as dogs love to wander freely but on the other hand no one can under-estimate the importance of crate training. Training your dog to rest peacefully and calmly inside the crate is one of the most important tasks of dog keeping. Crate is a very essential tool as it will help your dog understand the importance of his own sleeping space. Crate will also enable your dog to travel safely to different places while resting inside a secure enclosed space. Despite all the obvious benefits of crate training, we find most of the people pondering over the question of how to crate train your dog? The answer to this question is very simple and is mentioned below in a step-by-step form.

Steps to crate training your puppy:

Although most of the people think that crate training a puppy is extremely difficult. But the thing that you need to keep in mind is that crate training requires proper strategy. If you devise a proper plan and follow it strictly then you will be able to accomplish this task in an easy manner.

how to crate train your puppy

First of all you need to understand the time limitation for which you need to keep your puppy confined to the crate each day. You must understand that if you confine the puppy inside the crate for little time then he will not get familiar with it and if the puppy is confined for too many hours then his personality will suffer a great loss.

The greatest strategy is to call your dog near the crate.

crate training your puppy

Next you need to offer a reward to your dog in return for entering the crate. This reward can be any treat or dog toy.

crate training your dog

Next step is to set a specific command for your dog to enter the crate. You can say “enter” or you can also reserve the word “kennel” for your dog.

crating your dog

When your puppy has followed your command and entered the crate, you need to show enthusiastic appreciation. Present your dog with the promised treat and pat him in order to show your affection, after that you must close the door.

crate your dog

After closing the door of the crate, you need to side by the door for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then you must move from there to run your regular errands but you must show your face to your puppy after every few minutes in order to keep it satisfied.

how to crate train your puppy fast

How longer should I put the puppy in the crate?

At first you should keep your puppy inside the crate for at least half an hour. But gradually you must increase the duration by adding five to six minutes every day. You must understand that this procedure requires extreme patience. If you keep the puppy inside the crate for straight six long hours on the very first day then you will receive a very negative reaction from your puppy. So in order to train it, you must first settle the puppy inside the crate for around one and half to two continuous hours.

how to crate your dog

On the whole, an adult dog must not be confined to the crate for more than 4 to 5 hours. And do keep in mind that if you are keeping puppy inside the crate for long duration then you must also put its drinking water near the crate.

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