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Cat Chest Injuries

How To Cope With Cat Chest Injuries?

Cats are really active creatures; they love to wander around the place and indulge in various physical activities throughout the day. But sometimes it does happen that a cat might fall into a sudden accident and receive some serious chest injuries. Cat chest injuries can also lead to sudden death if not detected and treated immediately. If your cat falls into accidents more often then you must remain mentally prepared at all times to handle every sort of cat injury including the cat chest injury. In order to cope up with the chest injury at home, you must be well acquainted with below given knowledge.

What type of chest injuries can a cat receive?

Your cat can receive chest injuries as a result of any accident or blow to the chest during a fight with another cat or dog. If a cat receives chest injuries then the chances are that

  • Your cat might have received some serious bruising in its lungs
  • Your cat’s heart might have gotten damaged
  • Your cat might be suffering from lung rupture, lung lacerations, wounded airways or internal bleeding
  • It might be suffering from excruciating pain due to broken ribs, muscular tear, or diaphragm tear

How to diagnose the damage occurred due to chest injuries?

If you suspect that your cat has received any sort of chest injury or your cat is showing some restlessness regarding its chest then you must immediately rush your cat to the veterinary hospital. The vet will first of all monitor the condition of your cat by doing a physical examination in which the breathing rhythm and external appearance of your cat will be observed. Next the vet will try to analyze the internal conditions of your cat’s chest with the help of a stethoscope.  Through the use of stethoscope the vet would be able to determine the breathing difficulties of your cat.

Next the chest X-rays would also be done in order to find out the broken ribs and damage to the air-ways, lungs and other surrounding organs such as diaphragm. If the vet suspects that the chest injuries also include heart damage then he will also perform Electrocardiograms in order to find out the nature of heart damage. Damage to the heart might also be detected through an ultrasound.

Cat Chest Injuries

Treatments for chest injuries:

Your cat might be instantly supplied with oxygen as due to chest injuries it would be having breathing difficulties. Most of the vets would also insert a chest tube into your cat. Next the vet would inject your cat with pain killers and steroids in order to provide relief from the pain. Various fluids would be provided intravenously in order to control the blood pressure. Antibiotics would also be provided in order to prevent or control any sort of chest infection and heal the internal and external wounds. If the heart rhythm is jumpy and abnormal, then certain heart medications will also be added to the list. If the chest injury case is quite severe then chances are that vets are going to perform an on-the-spot surgery to save cat’s life.

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