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clipping cats nails

How To Clipping Cats Nails With Human Nail Clippers?

Clipping cat’s nail regularly is important and it be can done by using human nail clippers also. The cat has a natural habit of climbing and scratching which can be dangerous for the health of the cat owner for cat itself. So, the best option of preventing the chances of injury is to learn the way to cut the cat’s nails. You can also learn how to clipping cats nails with human nail clippers by following the below method.

Different tools are available and in the home of cat lovers to take care of their health which include scissors cut, guillotine type and human fingernail clipper. If other tools are not available in home then human nail clipper is a good option for trimming nails of cats.

Better to do it as soon as possible:

Its better do it as soon as possible to keep the cat and yourself healthy. Start it with extending the nails by handling and messaging the paws of it. If the cat is made used to it from the start then it gets easier for future because old cats might have issues when they have introduction to nail clipping.

clipping cats nails with human nail clippers

Close look to its nails:

When its claws are extended by the massage a thick pinkish part can be seen clearly which is called as the quick. As quick is the part of nail and it contains vessels so look carefully, cut the nails so that it does not touch the part of quick. Every cat’s nails grow with different rate so it must be made sure before cutting its nails that it needs a trim or not.

clipping cats nails

Wait for the right time and get started:

Wait for the time when your cat is calm. Slowly and gently hold its paw and try to cut the nails by holding her in your hand near your lap and hold the nail clipper in such a way that it is perpendicular to the cat’s nail and cut it from top to bottom.

clipping cat nails

Things must be kept under consideration:

The position of the clipper is very important, in case if the clipper is being used parallel to cat’s nail like from side there is a chance that nail might get crushed. If the human nail clipper is sharp enough it will help to cut the nail more easily. Old cats need more attention than the kittens, they have thicker layer of nails as compared to the young ones and it’s not easy to make them used to clip their nails. If they are not given a proper cleanliness of body there are chances that cat gets sick and may require veterinarian for the treatment.

cat nail clipper

What to clip?

It’s important to know what to cut and when to not. The main purpose of cat nail clipping is to remove the sharp edges of nails which can be injurious for others. It is not compulsory to cut the full nail. It is enough to remove the sharp edges.

cat nail clipping

If it is not done carefully it can injure the “quick” which is the area where blood vessels and nerves are present. Later it can become the cause of pain.

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