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How To Bandaging A Cat Properly?

Accidents can happen at any time of the day or at any place. What would you do if your cat gets hurt and its dark and stormy outside? How are you going to find a vet during the late hours of night? What if your cat has harmed itself in a very bad way and is bleeding heavily? In such a case, you must first bandage your cat at home and then rush it towards the veterinary hospital. In order to cope with such situation you must know and understand the complete procedure of bandaging a cat at home.

How to apply bandage on cat’s head?

If your cat has wounded its head or non-stop blood is coming out from the ears then you must apply bandage on the cat’s head.

bandaging a cat

  • First of all you must cut sheet in long sections or get long sized gauze strips.
  • You must wrap this sheet or the gauze around the head but you must take care to pin the ears to the head while wrapping the sheet.
  • You must not wrap the sheet too tightly and leave room for air to pass through the wrapping.
  • You must not cover the cat’s eyes while wrapping the sheet. Most of the animals enter into a state of panic when their eyes get covered.
  • After wrapping the bandage, tie it with the help of a tape. While wrapping the bandage, you must wrap the entire hair inside the bandage in order to keep it intact in one place.
  • After you have wrapped the bandage, you must check out the tightness of the bandage. If the bandage offers fit-in space to two of your fingers then it means that the bandage is perfectly wrapped.
  • After you have wrapped the bandage, you must check for any sign of swelling on the face. If you see swelling then you must instantly unwrap the bandage. Another thing that you must also observe is the breathing rhythm of your cat. If there is any sort of breathing difficulty then you must instantly take off the bandage.

How to apply bandage on cat’s leg?

If you cat has jumped from a high place and has fractured its leg then you first need to wrap a bandage around your cat’s leg before taking it to the vet.

  • If there is any sort of wound on the leg then at first you need to cover the wound with gauze.
  • Then you need to start wrapping the fractured leg in the cotton from the cotton roll. While wrapping up the fractured leg you must also keep in mind to wrap up the upper and lower joints of the fracture in the bandage.
  • Next you need to wrap stretch gauze on the cotton you have wrapped around the fractured leg. The stretch gauze that you are going to apply must be tight so that it can make the wrapped cotton tight and provide relief to the leg. At last you must tie an elastic band or you can also tape the bandage with an adhesive tape.

bandaging cat

You must also apply one layer of tape on the top-most portion of the bandage in order to keep the bandage intact on the leg. If the cat leg starts to swell or gets cold after bandaging then you must instantly take off the bandage.

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