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adopt a dog for free

How To Adopt A Dog For Free?

Dogs are the most adorable and most loyal creatures on the earth. There are many cases where dogs have given up their lives for the protection of their owners. If one wants to have a true companion beside him then he should go for the dog adoption. There are many places from where you can easily adopt a dog but if you want to adopt a dog for free then you can go for shelter homes. Although adopting dogs from the shelter homes is not totally free but they are comparatively cheaper than the other sources of adoption.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog for free then first of all you must take a trip to the nearest dog shelter in the city. Dog shelters mostly contain those rescue dogs that are searching for a home. Now even most of the animal rights organizations have started a campaign to encourage people to go for the rescue dog adoption. Rescue dogs are those dogs that have been rescued from various places where they were considered to be unwanted and if these dogs are not adopted by any family then these dogs are put to death.

Most of the times, the dogs that are battling with any sickness are instantly put to death while the healthy dogs are left to live in order to await the adoption, but this wait is not very long.

adopt a dog for free

How to select a pet?

Before going for any particular pet, you need to keep certain things in mind such as the size, breed and age of the pet. If you are considering the dog for adoption then you must at first keep in mind that you are not going to get your hand on the expensive breed because they are not available for free. The dogs mostly found in the rescue shelters are the dogs that are mostly found on the streets. Sometimes, you might end up finding a one that belongs to a nice breed and ends up in the shelter home due to the reason that his owners died or moved away or didn’t wanted him anymore.

So, if you are thinking of adoption then you need to check out the breed and sizes available in the rescue shelter. If you live in a small apartment then definitely you need to go for smaller breed such as toy dogs or a Terrier. But if you have enough space to accommodate a large sized dog then you can easily go for Irish WolfHound or Scottish DeerHound.

Irish WolfHound

Benefits of adopting a rescue dog:

If you want to adopt a dog for free then adopting a dog from the rescue home would prove almost free for you. Most of the people don’t go for the shelter house dogs due to the common thought that most of them are stray dogs, but the thing that you don’t know is that they are well-kept stray dogs. Although most of rescue dogs are not properly trained but these dogs are properly vaccinated, checked for any of the diseases, well-fed and are temperament tested before adoption.

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