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How Much To Cremate A Cat

How Much To Cremate A Cat Actually?

Losing your pet is a difficult thing to cope with and hard to accept this reality. But as we all know that nothing lasts forever and life still goes on so we must know the complete procedure of the cremation of the pet, be it a dog, cat or some bird. The process and cost of cremation varies from pet to pet. If you own a cat the cost would rather be different from the other pet’s cremation. If you don’t know anything then, seek for the guidance of your vet or the nearby crematory itself about how much to cremate a cat and how undergoes the process of cremation. The process of cremation is unlike the funeral. As the pet to be cremated is not buried in a cemetery but it is your own choice whether you want to bury your pet or cremate it.

According to a UK website, it is estimated that 1.5 million pet dogs and cats that die every year in the UK, 300,000 are buried in the home garden, 1,000 in cemeteries, 100,000 are individually cremated and the rest are disposed of as clinical waste by mass incineration or sometimes in landfill sites.

Cost of cremation:

The cost of cremation depends upon the region you live in and on the size of your pet. The larger the size of your pet the higher the cost of cremation will be. Usually, the average cost of cremation ranges from $150 up to $200. If crematoriums also pick up the pet they would include the cost in addition to the cost of cremation.

How Much To Cremate A Cat


Ways of cremation:

The cost of cremation also varies from the type of cremation you choose. There are two types of cremation, one is the communal cremation and private/individual cremation. The communal cremation involves the incineration of a group of animals at a same chamber. It is a cheapest way of cremation. In this type of cremation the ashes are not handed over to the owners. Whereas the individual cremation can be expensive but satisfactory as you can cremate your cat in front of your eyes separately and the ashes are also returned back to you.

If you’ve chosen communal cremation and still want to witness the cremation yourself then you will have to pay an extra amount for this to the crematory.

How is a cat cremated?

Cats are brought to the crematories and placed in a crematory unit first and then subjected to an intense temperature of 1400-1800 Fahrenheit. Due to the high temperature the organic matter is converted into ashes and bones are dried.

Cost of storage of remains:

After the cremation the ashes are poured into a pet urn of stainless steel, wooden box or a plastic. Some crematoriums also charge the cost of storage by these urns. The additional cost can rise up to $30 to $40 of the deceased animal.

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