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how much cat food per day

How much cat food per day? A must to know fact!

There are many factors on which the feeding of cat is dependent, for example these following factors are considerable while maintaining the schedule for how much cat food per day:

  • Age

The age of cat is a very important factor. If it’s a kitten then obviously the amount of feed will be less than you feed a cat. But you also have to keep in mind that the kittens have more nutritional needs than the cats that are grown and mature. For this purpose, you have to get the food that is especially made for kittens.

  • Activity level

It is the most important factor to consider in the dietary needs of a kitten or cat. The other factor that affects the activity level of your pet is your own lifestyle. It depends that if your cat is active and is naughty then it needs to consume more food because digestion process is fast due to the excessive exercise.

  • Body weight and its composition

These both are the primary factors that are used to determine the cat food per day, because it tells about the energy level that the body of the animal requires. Here, the composition of body means that how much amount of fat tissues is there in the body of an animal. In case that the amount and ratio of fats is more then it means the cat needs lower amount of calories.

  • Gender

It is very obvious that the male usually consists of greater muscles than the female cat, which determines that the amount of requirement of energy is high in males and they also have a tendency to consume more feed and there is less chance of gaining more weight and become over weight.

how much cat food per day

Type of food: Canned or dry feed?

  • Firstly, you have to let the cat make the choice, give them the food they prefer. Mostly, the cats like to eat the canned feed and diet.
  • The flavor and ingredients are different in both the feeds; it is the habit of a cat that it quickly gets usual to flavor.

Using raw meat as feed for cats?

  • It is very necessary to know about this because usually people prefer to feed their cats with raw meat.
  • But past few years there were cases seen in which the cats suffered of salmonella infections and results were severe, and it was noticed that the cause was raw meat.


One of the biggest mistakes that usually people do is that they over feed their cats, which is not right for the health of the cat. Feeding raw fish is also not beneficial for the cats health that it is been said by the professionals that it consists of a specific enzyme that is Thiaminase which is responsible for the distortion of vitamin B. The deficiency of Vitamin B can lead to the loss of appetite and can be fatal too.

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