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dogs in heat

How Long Are Dogs In Heat Explained!

When a female dog reaches at the age of six months, she experiences estrus till the end of her life. Estrus is also known as heat and it occurs after every six months. Here at this period of time, female dog is able to mate. You can see this heat in your dog because there are some hormonal changes that can easily be seen in these dogs. These hormonal changes include: bleeding, nervousness, swollen vulva and increased urination. Female dog will also start presenting her in front of male dogs. These are some prominent hormonal changes that can be very easily seen when a female dog is in heat or estrus. By reading below the detail discussion, you will come to know how long are dogs in heat actually can be.

At what age estrus or heat starts?

In dogs of small breed, heat starts at the age of four months. On the other hand, heat starts at the age of six months. Giant breeds are supposed to have heat at the age of 20 to 24 months. It is recommended by all dog vets to avoid breeding in female dogs during the first as well as second cycle. It is so because their eggs are not that much mature at that time and the female dog herself has not reached at the age of full maturity.

In order to breed your dog, discuss this issue with your dog’s vet so that he could tell you about the exact time to breed the dog.

dogs in heat

Length of a cycle:

Normally, the length of the heat cycle in dogs is 3 to 4 weeks. In the start of this cycle, you should keep your female dog away from the male dogs as she is not still receptive to them. There are some other female dogs too who are very receptive to any male dog even in the entire process of heat. Vulva of the female dog swells when they have estrus or heat. When the estrus come to an end, vulva of your female dog comes also to its original size. Here, she will not discharge or bleed. Your female dog can easily become pregnant at anytime in this cycle.

Does estrus a permanent thing?

Yes! Estrus is a permanent natural phenomenon in female dogs. When it starts, it needs some time to become regular. It can take up to twenty months for a female dog to have regular cycle of estrus. It is recommended to all dog owners to keep a record of this irregular cycle so that you could know the average time of this cycle of estrus in your female dogs. It is observed that all types of female dogs have this process of estrus throughout their lifetime.

dogs in heat

In old female dogs, the gap between the estrus cycles goes on increasing as compared to their adult female dogs. It is seen that some female dog owners go on spraying something special on their dogs, when the first cycle of heat starts in them. According to different experts, this spray can easily minimize the risk of some very serious diseases in female dogs for sure.

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