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diagnose Cushing syndrome

How Is Cushing Disease In Dogs Diagnosed?

If you sense some physical or habitual changes in your dog then you must not ignore these changes. Sometimes it happens that a dog is showing these changes because he is ill or his body is passing through hormonal changes. Cushing disease in dogs is the condition that appears due to the hormonal disturbance in the dog’s body.

What is Cushing’s syndrome or Cushing’s disease?

Cushing’s syndrome or Cushing’s disease is the condition that is related to the imbalance of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the hormone that plays very important part in the stress management, weight management, blood sugar management and immunity level control of the dog’s body. If the hormone cortisol increases from its normal range or decreases from its normal level then some serious health issues can arise in the body.

Cushing Disease In Dogs

Most of the dog owners and vets get really confused while analyzing the symptoms of their dogs because if your dog is showing the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome then it doesn’t mean that he really has this disease. There are many other diseases that show the symptoms similar to the Cushing’s syndrome.

What are the physical symptoms for Cushing’s syndrome?

You must keep in mind that if your dog has reached the middle age or is old then the chances that he falls prone to this syndrome are quite high. If your dog is showing the following symptoms then you must get your dog examined for this disease as soon as possible:

  • If your dog seems thirstier than he is normally
  • If your dog is getting more than normal hunger pangs
  • If your dog is peeing more than often or is not able to control his pee and pees inside the house
  • If your dog is losing too much hair or his is not growing at a normal rate
  • If your dog has a bloated belly
  • If the skin of your dog starts thinning
  • If your dog is panting more than usual
  • If your dog seems sick, tired or slow
  • If your dog is more prone to skin infections

How to diagnose Cushing’s syndrome for sure?

You must keep in mind that detecting the Cushing’s syndrome for sure is not an easy task. If your dog is showing the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome then the vet is going to administer some of the tests.

diagnose Cushing syndrome

  • First the vet is going to take the blood and urine test of your dog. The blood and urine tests are the initial tests administered in order to detect this syndrome. If these tests points towards the presence of this syndrome in the dog’s body then the vet will move on towards the next test.
  • The next tests that will be administered by the vet are called “ACTH stimulation test” and “LDDS test”. These are hormonal tests i.e. your dog will be provided with a shot of hormone and his body reaction to that hormone will be noted.

Most of the times Cushing’s syndrome is removable through surgery, but if the syndrome has spread to most of the body parts then the only option is medication for lifetime.

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