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dog allergic reaction

How Do You Know If You Are Allergic To Dogs?

If you have a pet dog and you start getting sick then how do you know if you are allergic to dogs? It is very common that human get allergic to dogs. It doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the dog at home. Different precautionary measures can be taken when you come to know that you are allergic to dogs. The allergy to dogs can be because of its different things so the owner of the dog must know what the main cause of getting allergy to dogs is.

Causes of allergy:

There are different causes of allergy, actually the dog’s hair are not the cause of allergy but the real cause is the tiny scales from the animal’s hair or skin. In some cases people are allergic to dog’s saliva or urine and some time it happens that people are allergic to some breeds or to some dog of one breed. The only way to know that which dog is the cause of allergy for you is to spend some time with it. Dog allergy can occur to anyone at any age in their life. Allergy is some time transferred to you through your parents because your parents have been suffering through it.

dog allergic reaction


There are different symptoms which make you realize that you are having dog allergy. Some of them are as follow:

  • You will suffer from itches eyes
  • You will suffer from Runny nose
  • You may have asthma symptoms
  • Might have itchy skin or rash on the neck, face and chest
  • Coughing, breathing shortness or wheezing within 15 to 20 minutes of exposure to the dog
  • The swelling in the membrane of your nose or around your eyes
  • In case of children they may suffer from Eczema which is a painful inflammation of his skin

dog allergy symptoms

How to prevent allergy?

When you have finally realized following these symptoms that you are allergic to dogs, you can try to let the dog sleep in a separate safe place. You must keep the room clean and keep the door closed, don’t let the dog enter to your place of comfort. Dog’s allergy is sticky so try to remove the dog’s bed, pull up rugs and clean the floors daily, it’s better to have bare floor rather than carpeted because it increases the rate of allergy to you. While cleaning up your house, wear a mask to make sure you don’t take any allergic particle of dog through breathing. Bathing dogs after every week can reduce the chances of allergy because it will keep him clean and healthy. Do not trim the hairs of your dog yourself because it can make your situation go worse.

allergic to dogs treatment

When to see a physician?

When you feel like your allergy is now getting worse so it is better to see a physician for a proper treatment. An allergist will suggest you the proper treatment with some daily actions to be performed with your dog.

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