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how do I calm my dog

How do I calm my dog if he is much vigorous?

If we analyze the behavior of dogs, it seems similar to the behavior of kids. Some kids are calm and silent while some are full of firework blasts. Same goes with dogs, some of the dogs are calm, quite and obedient but some are so energetic that controlling them becomes the issue of the century. Veterinary doctors get the question how do I calm my dog from the owners of hyperactive dogs all the time. Below are mentioned some of the ways through which you can easily calm your hyperactive dog.

  • First of all, you need to understand the importance of patience. You can’t endure the hyperactivity of your dog if you remain irritated at all times. So, you need to keep calm and patient in order to teach your dog to remain calm. Keep in mind that if you will show irritation then this will irritate your dog and he will get more hyperactive. So, in order to teach your dog calm behavior, you need to act calm.
  • Use food to help your dog calm down. Yes, food will not only keep your dog healthy but it will also keep your dog calm. Set rules for your dog and when he follows them, reward him with food items. Next you need to keep remaining food items in the interactive toys so he uses his energy to search for those food items. There are many different types of interactive toys available in the market that are going to keep your dog busy for hours. Most of the people tend to use Frozen Kongs to help calm down their dogs before bedtime. All you need to do is to put some leftover food in the Kongs and freeze it. Your dog will have a great time tasting and licking it.

how do I calm my dog

  • Let your dog use his energy by participating in fun games. Just play with your dog. All you need to do is to take a ball and throw it at the obvious distance so your dog can fetch it for you. You can also tie an attractive toy at the end of a rope and throw that item away while holding one end of the rope, then just run around holding that rope. Your dog will chase that item and this game will also be good for your health.
  • Train your dog to be obedient and listen to you when you order him to stay calm. You can either attend some dog training classes or search the Google for different tutorials. Various books are also available on this subject through which you can learn different strategies to make your dog listen to you.

training dog to keep calm

  • Take your dog out for a daily walk. Always keep in mind that dogs are active creatures so they need to utilize their energy in different activities. If you are not going to pay attention to the walking regularity of your dog then your dog will create racket inside the home. So, in order to control the hyper-activeness of your dog, you need to take him out for regular walks or occasional hiking trips on the mountains.

Following the above mentioned guidelines and helping your dog socialize with other dogs is going to help him ease down his hyperactivity.

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