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Foxtail grass dangerous to dogs

How Come Foxtail Grass Dangerous To Dogs?

Dogs do take care of humans but they can’t always take care of themselves. If you own a dog then you have to play the responsible part of caring for your dog and protecting him against all the social and natural evils. Yes nature can also be dangerous for your dog. There are thousands of plants, weeds, reptiles or insects that can be extremely dangerous for your dog. If you are living in the Western part of United States then you might be acquainted with the name of Foxtail grass. This is the weed that is extremely dangerous for your dog. This weed is very common in all areas of Seattle.

Foxtail grass is the grass that contains stiff bristles that are truly very dangerous for your dog. These stiff bristles are commonly known by the name of awn. The awns of Foxtail grass contain extremely sharp, razor-like needles. These sharp needles help this grass to firmly stand inside the land carrying its seed.

How can foxtail hurt your dog?

If your dog comes into contact with Foxtail then he can receive severe injuries from this plant as the sharp bristles can easily enter his body through the openings of his body and can injure your dog from the inside. Otherwise these bristles can dig themselves into the outer coat of your dog and can incur serious wounds to his body.

Foxtail grass dangerous to dogs

Foxtail grass dangerous to dogs seems lush green during the spring season but when you come in contact with it during the autumn season, it becomes really hard, dry and prickly. Foxtail grass is at the height of evilness during the autumn season.

How to know if your dog has been affected by the Foxtail?

Although you can’t know for sure until you see the Foxtail embedded in your dog’s body for yourself but below are mentioned some of symptoms that are going to help you decide whether your dog has been attacked by Foxtail or not:

  • Discharge
  • Swelling
  • Abscesses
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Anorexia
  • Swelling with pain
  • Drainage
  • Limping
  • Constant licking on any one place along with the above mentioned symptoms
  • Having difficulty in walking normally ( check for the toes as they are the most usual place where Foxtail gets stuck)
  • Shaking head, tilting the head towards one side on a constant basis, scratching, irritation ( do check the ear of your dog as the chances are that Foxtail might have entered the ear canal, its best to contact the vet as soon as possible)

Foxtail grass dangerous to dogs

Foxtail can also enter the eyes, nasal passage or genitals of your dog. In case of eyes, you are going to see reddishness and signs of irritation, discharge from the eyes. In case of nose you will see discharge or intense sneezing and in case of genitals your dog will continuously lick that place along with displaying irritation.

How to protect your dog from Foxtail?

You can only protect your dog from the Foxtail by keeping the coat of your dog clean and by preventing your dog from going in the place where you doubt the presence of Foxtail. You must also keep your lawn properly mowed and cleared of the Foxtail so your dog remains protected from this evil.

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