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cat flirts with dog

How Cat is Flirting With This Yong Dog, See How They Are Melting For Each Other

You might have heard about dogs and bitches flirting with each other but this scenario is going to make your mouth fall open with shock. A female cat flirting with a male dog is nothing short of a miracle. This miracle happened in California where a cat, tired of her single status, tried to lure a dog towards her.

Although the cat was quite hot but the dog was also very sexy. Dog possessed manly qualities; that’s why the cat strived hard to get the attention of this dog. Throughout the time, cat tried hard to seduce the arrogant dog but the dog remained aloof to the presence of cat.

dog cat romance

First the cat laid on her back in front of the dog and tried to seduce him with her sexy belly-twisting dance. She tilted back and forth and tried to get near the dog. Dog, at first kept on licking his paws but then he also laid on his back and relaxed for a bit. He gazed deeply into the cat’s eyes for a bit and then suddenly he jerked off the floor. He shook himself and went near the cat. Suddenly he moved back and tried to divert his attention towards other stuff. In the meanwhile, cat turned back on her feet and tried again to seduce the dog with her sexual tactics.

Cat is Flirting With This Yong Dog

Doggy ignored the sexual antics of cat and grabbed a football in his mouth. He moved in front of the cat, sat on the floor and started playing with the football. He started chewing and biting at the football but also kept one eye on the cat. Cat kept rolling on her back on the floor, inviting the dog to make a move towards her. Dogs watched this for a while, then suddenly grabbed his football in his mouth and moved away from the cat.

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