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How A Talking Cat Could Demand Than A Normal Cat?

Thinking about this situation is quite amusing; nobody can say for clear what our cats will talk about if cats could talk. Even if we presume this impossible situation for a few minutes then there are a lot of things that we will get to hear from a talking cat. The first thing that you must keep in mind is that cats are extremely judgmental and require constant attention from their human masters.

Your cat might openly accuse of not treating it correctly:

Yup your cat might become irritating sometimes or most of the times. If you are petting your cat and your cat possesses speaking power then your cat might accuse you of not petting it properly. If you provided your cat with same cat food for two continuous days then you must prepare yourself to hear complain about this. Chances are that your cat might not discuss this issue directly with you but it can reveal this complain to the neighbors’ cat while chatting with it. Cats love to complain about the behavior of their masters so if you see two cats sitting together chatting with each other then beware they might be talking about you.

talking cat

Your cat might turn into a talking alarm clock:

Well this might sound interesting to you but in real it will suck! Cats love to wake their masters in the morning but if your cat starts talking then it will start nagging you with various complains starting right from your wake-up time to the moment you go back to sleep at night. In the morning, you might not wake up to the friendly and sweet “meeeeow” of your cat, instead you might wakeup to it’s complain regarding the late breakfast and that its starving because you didn’t woke up on time to feed it.

Complaints and demands:

Well this might turn into more of a routine task with your talking cat living in your home. If your cat starts speaking then the only things you will get to hear will be the complaints that how your cat is being mistreated inside your house and demands about what it will like to eat. If your cat brings any dead rodent inside the house and you prohibit it from repeating this act then it will get angry and start complaining. From time to time, your cat will also present its various demands regarding the type of food it wants to eat or the type of treatment it needs.

It would seek your attention:

Cats love to get attention from their masters so if your cat starts talking then it might continuously nag you for attention. It might create false situations so you might come to check upon it.  Cats can become so irritating sometimes that even if you are using bathroom then your cat might stand outside the door asking you to come out so it can use the bathroom.  Well cats are like that most of the time so if you think that your cat might start talking someday then you need to be prepared for all these issues.

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  1. i wish i could have a talking cat, but it really needs to train the pet and it will not let you rest anytime, lol!

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