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How Young Chickens Are Treated In Factories

Alarming Footage Leaked: Animal Equality Uncovers Chick Brutality In Factories

An extremely disturbing and alarming video related to chick brutality is going viral on the internet. The scenes of this video have been recorded by the Animal Equality and this video basically features brutal and merciless behavior of factory workers with little chicks.

This merciless behavior is usually showed by the factory workers with male chicks and not-so-healthy chicks. Female chicks are provided a very careful treatment because female chicks are going to be productive in their future.

Throughout the video, you will feel disgusted by witnessing the inhumanity of factory workers. Factory workers throw these chicks on the conveyer belt like they are some piece of garbage. Most of the chicks get killed during the entire procedure so very few of the chicks reach the final stage of industrial farm.

How Young Chickens Are Treated In Factories

These chicks are usually squashed, crumpled, or crushed to death during the entire process. Most of the chicks who survive also get dumped into the garbage heap by the factory workers along with the empty egg-shells. Those chicks who do reach the final stage usually get ill from exhaustion and die.

Credits: Huffing Buzz
Credits: Huffing Buzz

During the entire procedure, these chicks are also injected with the hormonal injections in order to speed up their growth. Animal rights activists are of the opinion that this footage uncovered the shocking reality of the meat industry.

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