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home remedies for cat injuries

Home Remedies For Cat Injuries

Injuries are suspected in case of cats as they are animal and they can be provided with home remedies for their injuries. They do different kind of activities which may cause minor injuries like cuts, scratches and  bruise but they  are not life threatening and get healed after sometime if they are given a proper remedy. No need to worry if you can’t go out for the treatment of your cat’s minor injury because here some of the home remedies for cat injuries are going to be discussed which you can perform yourself.

There are different kinds of injuries and diseases that can be treated at home, no need to go out for the veterinarian and pay a fee when it can be treated at home. It includes bites wounds, coughing and breathing problem, inverted stomach, etc.

  • Antibiotic for bite wound treatment

Sometime your cats interact with other cats and animals which may become a cause of fight between them. In case if the cat gets minor bite wound and you do not have enough financial stability to afford a veterinarian fee then it can be cured at home. It will take some time to heal. Use antibiotic and try to keep the wound clean otherwise it can get worse, it’s better for having a vaccination especially in case when the cat gets wound from another cat.

home remedies for cat injuries

  • Suger water for bleeding wound

If the cat is having a bleeding then it definitely requires attention and first aid. Firstly, try to stop the bleeding using a ball of cotton, trim all the hair around the injury and wash the wound with water. Sometime there are some injuries which heal in the open air and some wounds heal when they are kept covered so it must be observed carefully what kind of injury it is. Another home remedy for the wound is to wash the affected area with sugar water. The results will be positive and can be seen only within 12 hours.

cat injury treatment

  • Salt compresses for healing wound

Epsom salt is available almost at every local super store. It can be used for healing cat’s wound at home. A pot of warm water is required for it in which one to two spoons full of Epsom salt is dissolved and then soak gauze pads or sponges in the salt water. Hold the cat in the sink compress its wound with the soaked sponges almost for 8-10 minutes. In case for bleeding wound cold water can be used because cold water helps to stop the bleeding faster and in case if the wound is surgical then it must be kept dry.

how to treat cat injuries

  • Prepare cat first aid kit

When you are having a cat as pet at your home then it’s important to have a first aid kit always ready in case of an emergency which can include the following things/tools listed below:

cat first aid kit

  • Cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rolled gauze
  • Sterilized gauze pads
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Antibiotic gel
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Disposable safety razor
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Strips of clothes

These are the tools that help you cover your pet’s injury instantly.

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