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ear problems in cats and natural remedies

Home Remedies For Cat Ear Infections

Like humans, of course, cats have ear infections too which is quite painful sometimes but a cat owner should know how to handle their pet in such situation. We all want to avoid heavy medicines for our cats because of their delicate nature. If you are a one who is experiencing this infection in your cat then here we are to tell you about natural home remedies for ear infections. These remedies are definitely going to heal the infection and your cat will be in peace after trying these things on her ear. Let’s have a look at some essential home remedies for ear infection:

  • Apple cider vinegar

With the help of apple cider vinegar, clean the ears of your cat and use soft cotton or piece of a cloth. Don’t rub her ear rough and hard because this may cause severe infection. Use gentle hand for cleaning the ear.

home remedies for ear infections

  • Garlic oil

You can use garlic oil to clean the ears of a cat; garlic oil will kill the bacteria in her ear which is the main cause of infection. Garlic oil will help in eliminating the mites in the cat’s ear as well as other fungal infections.

cat ear infection home remedies

  • Cooking oil

Clean your cat ear by pouring few drops of cooking oil in her ear and try to clean her eat with gentle hand. This will help you in cleaning her ear effectively and your cat will find some relief from the infection.

natural remedies for cat ear infections

  • Cotton balls

If you have any approved ear cleaning solution then you can use it too. Clean her ears completely and then wipe it gently with the cotton balls. Always use soft things when it’s time to clean or wipe your cat’s ear because of the softness of the ear and pain of infection.

ear problems in cats and natural remedies

  • Green tea steep bag

By using green tea steep bag, you can massage in cat’s ear because green tea is considered as an antiseptic for the ear infections. By repeating it on the daily basis, you can get rid of your cat’s ear infection. Green tea can play a vital role in curing ear infections without any harm.

cat ear cleaning home remedies
Clean your cat ears on a daily basis and you will find a clear change in 2-3 days. Because of negligence in cleaning the ears of the cat sometimes infections arises. But one can easily cure it by cleaning her ears by cleaning solution and it will be good if you consult to doctor before using any ear cleaning solution on her ears.

If your cat is behaving strangely and if she is itching again and again on her ears then have a closer look at her ears and diagnose infection early because this can become severe if you are ignoring strange spots appearing on her ear skin. Don’t use antibiotic on your cat without the advice of doctors, some antibiotic can react harmfully on your pet. Natural remedies are safe to use and these remedies will definitely help your pet in curing the ear infection without any reaction and harmful chemicals.

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