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Cat Surgery

Following Doctor’s Instructions Regarding Cat Surgery

Our feline friends are there for us through a lot. When they need us the most, let’s make sure we are there for them and can do everything to make them feel better. Cat surgery can be rough on them, but we can help them recover well.

Always Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Above all else, be sure you do as your pet’s doctor instructs you. This holds true for any type of surgery but in the case of your fur-baby, things can get complicated rather quickly. Before leaving the doctor, be sure you have asked any questions you may have and understand all instructions completely. Make all follow-up appointments to ensure things are healing well.

Help Your Feline Take a Load Off

Just as with humans, surgery can be rough on a cat’s body. Not only the actual healing of the area, but an animal’s body works hard to heal and fight back infections. The anesthesia can affect cats for hours after surgery, causing them to be uncoordinated and possibly take tumbles. Find a safe space for your cat to recover for a while. make sure there are no stairs and he has room to relax without running into things. Move the litter box to this area to help ensure a relaxed kitty.

Kitty and His Medication

Watch your pet’s water and food intake after surgery. At first, offer small amounts of each to ensure the anesthesia or any medication isn’t going to make them throw up. Each day, offer a little more until things are more back to normal. Some medications, especially painkillers, can cause diarrhea in felines. If this occurs, don’t be alarmed. You can ask your veterinarian about prescribing a probiotic to help alleviate some of the discomforts.

We should never forget how important our pets are to us. More than just animals, they’re family. After feline surgery, make sure you’re there to show them exactly how much you love them. They’ll never forget it.

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