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feline disease

Feline Diseases In Cats: Causes And Treatment

Cats are found prone to germs of different kinds of diseases. Feline is among the most popular and infectious disease in cats and is found to be fatal as well. The feline disease in cats can be treated in diagnosed at the right time and the treatment is prolonged for the time unless the germs get completely killed from the cat’s body. Feline disease is an immunodeficiency disease which resemble in signs and germs like the HIV disease in humans. Across the world cats are found equally prone to the disease.


The cause of feline disease is the virus named Lentivirus. The abbreviation FIV means Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. The general causes of the feline disease in cats can be sexual transmission of germs, through saliva of infected animals or through the bite wounds which can be caused during the fight. The general physical touch does not induce the germs of the infection in a healthy body of the cats. The FIV cannot pass from one cat to another unless the virus gets the proper medium of nourishment and transmission from one body to the other.

feline disease

Signs of the disease:

The initial attack of FIV imposes various kinds of infections like coughing, nausea, vomiting and other different kinds of problems in the cat body. With the passage of time, the germs strengthen to kill the white blood cells which in turn decrease the resistance from the body making it vulnerable for various kinds of health problems. Inflammation in mouth, secondary degeneration in body as well as skin and brain problems can also be the prominent signs of the disease in cats. Difficulty in breathing and eye sight weakness are the signs f the disease whereas some cats might show sudden weight loss and jaundice properties.

feline disease in cats


Prevention is better than cure as always said. However, in case of the attack and diagnosis of the disease in cats vaccination is recommended by the veterinarians. The diagnosed stage of the disease helps to recommend the vaccination of cat. The proper medicine for the cure of the disease has not been yet present in the world. There are various kinds of drugs which are under experimentation in different kinds of labs but they can only decrease the intensity of the attack of the feline disease in cats but adopting the proper care measures can be a good option unless the anti-feline gets invented.


Till now the prevention is the best treatment for saving your cats from feline disease. The best way to protect your cats is to keep them indoor. Roaming outside and playing with the different outsider cats and other animals in the unhygienic ways can help to induce the infections of the disease in cats. Many times the diagnosis of the disease happens at the incurable or last stages of the disease as the symptoms many times do not show their appearance in the infected cat’s body. Keeping cats in hygienic conditions can protect them from FIV infection.  Many times during the fight with other cats or during scratching of other animals or infected objects the FIV enters in the cat body.

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