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basset hound puppies for sale

Featuring Basset Hound Puppies For Sale

If you are searching for the effective dog breed for the hunting purpose then the basset hound puppies is the perfect search for you. Do not worry about finding out the puppies as there are basset hound puppies for sale present abundantly at various websites. Basset hound puppies are the perfect choice of those who want to carry their puppies outside along with them for various purposes.

Effective characteristics:

Following are some of the common and prominent characteristics of basset hound puppies.

  • Hound dogs

These belong to the group of dogs which are characterized as the hound puppies. These puppies are therefore an active group of puppies which have high energy level.

  • Long ears

Their main identity is the presence of long ears at the quite spherical faces. They do not owe too much height and are commonly low to the ground characters. They do not love to carry obesity but have high muscular power as they have heavy muscles. Their legs are short but strong and help them carry the heavy body weight effectively. Owing to the long and heavy ears they need special attention for the cleaning of ears and get the ear infection more rapidly than any other dog breed. They should be regularly checked for the infection of ears to keep them away from the ear pain.

basset hound puppies for sale

  • Hunting skills

They exhibit excellent hunting skills and are wonderful for the hunting of the small animals like rabbits and others. They can turn into professional hunters with the specific training and love to get along with the owners for the purpose of hunting. Their sense of smell and sight is better than others and they can smell the presence of their prey from a long distance effectively. They are also able to hunt their prey at night times as well.

basset hound puppies

  • Presence of wrinkles

They have heavy wrinkles around their faces which give an innocent and complex look to their personalities. They have round shining eyes which have the ability of catching the attention of passing by people as well. The captivating features are very wonderful and easily give the beautiful appearance to them.

basset hound puppies

  • The problem of bones

These puppies are prone to bone and joint problems and can face these health issues at an early age. As they get heavier they are prone to the disease mostly. So, in order to prevent the joint pain their weight should be controlled effectively. Performing the hard tasks and prolonged workouts can also induce the disease to them whereas jumping or performing the task that require high energy level can also be dangerous for them. The activities like swimming are unsuitable for them as well.

  • Calm attitudes

Owing to their calm attitude they are very compassionate puppies which know very well that how to behave like good puppies. They are not only obedient but intelligent and dominant puppies who rule their pet neighbors. They remain defendant and protective while playing with the other pet dogs and animals.

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  1. Hi! Will definitely go for buying one after reading this detailed comparison for Basset Hound.

  2. Basset Hound Puppies hunting skills are outstanding, btw loved its long ears.

  3. liked the big eared dog 🙂

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