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Famous Chow Chow Dog Breeds Nowadays

Even President Calvin and his wife owned two chow chow dogs, a red “Timmy” and black one “Blackberry”. Sigmend freud, an Australian psychoanalyst chose the chow as his ultimate companion. A chow chow dog is still loved throughout the world for his nobleness of a lion, silliness of a panda and appeal of a bear. They were originated from china and used as hunting dogs. They come in variety of colors like cinnamon, red, black, etc. The most prominent physical feature is his purple black tongue.



It covers a wide range from mahogany red to golden red, with white shadings on the ruff, tail and breechings. Without the shading they are known as “Self- Reds”. Puppies are usually born with light brown color with black mask, which eventually fades away in maturity. His hair becomes thicker and lighter as he gets older. His eyes should be deep dark and nose pure black without a hint of pink.

red chow chow


They are born black and their color tends to be bleached if exposed to excessive sunlight, leaving them with a red cast that is not quite attractive.  This effect is known as rusting and a chocolaty chow is actually considered as a rusty black.

black chow dog


They have silver shadings and vary from dark blue to steel gray color. Snout and legs have white and black mixture of hair that gives them a frosty look. Blue chows’ nose is slate colored.

blue chow chow


Its nearly white but can be considered as a butterscotch color. From birth they have pale color and tan legs and ears. They do not have a dark mask. They usually are disqualified in pet shows due to their brown nose.

cream chow


It’s the most misunderstood and difficult color to describe. It does not clearly appear in the photographs so it is hard to be recognized. Its name is misunderstood as spice but in England the actual meaning of cinnamon is “fawn”. It varies from beige gray pinkish cast and to darker shades but not red. Like blue they have “pepper and salt “mixture of dark and light hair, and frosted look. They are also born with beautiful silver shade leading the people to believe its blue colored. The silver shade usually disappears within the third week of their birth. They usually have grey mask that also fades as they grow old.

Cinnamon chow

Their temperament, health and behavior are independent of the colors. It’s just a matter of liking. Some inexperienced breeders may consider that some colors are more valuable than the others but it’s nothing like that. They all tend to have a calm and quiet personality and sturdily posture. They can be trained properly to live in a household and considered as a lovely companion of both kids and adults.

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