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cate whiskers

Facts About Why Do Cat Have Whiskers

Many of us get wonder at the presence of the whiskers in cats. Majority of us are found asking each other that why do cat have whiskers? Whiskers are the most sensitive part of the cat’s body and present in form of the tactile hairs at the various parts of cat’s external body. They are commonly present at the face of the cat.

Importance of whiskers:

The importance of whiskers cannot be denied in the life of cats. These are not only highly sensitive facial and body hair but also the most active part of the cat’s body. They are helpful in detecting the pray and as well as other hunting objects for the cats. Cats are able to survive in the competitive world owing to the presence of whiskers which help them to fight their pray effectively. Whiskers are the most functional part of the cat’s body.

cate whiskers

Functions of the whiskers:

Whiskers play various functions in the life of the cat and are crucial for maintaining the successful and dominating life of the cat in the world. Various important functions of the whiskers are as follows:

  • They are sensitive hairs connected actively and in the complex way with the neuron system of the cat’s body. The communication between the whiskers receptors and the neurons is efficient, active and stronger than any other system of the cat’s body.
  • The whiskers are able to detect various things smartly, effectively and quickly than any other thing. The sense of touch in the cat increases manifold owing to the presence of the whiskers at their external body. The more the whiskers are, the sharp the senses will be. The availability of the whiskers makes cats much smart, active and furious that they are able to fight with the big animals too.
  • There are innumerable touch receptors in the tactile hairs of the cat which help the sense the touch and incoming layer of touch in a fast way. The communication system in the receptors and the brain is improved owing to presence of the countless touch receptors at the whiskers.
  • These hairs are helpful for the improved sight of the cats in the dark. Cats are able to detect their pray and to find their way in the darkness as well. So, whiskers help them to find their prey and their ways in the intense darkness. The absence of the whiskers will reduce the eye sight and other improved senses of cats which will be highly disadvantageous for the cats.
  • These are flexible hairs and help the cats to feel the danger arriving near them in an improved and feasible manner.
  • The presence of whiskers helps the cat to sharpen their senses and to make them active enough to get their food properly from the other animals.

cat whiskers

Therefore, the undeniable importance and functioning of the whiskers elaborates the reasons behind the presence of whiskers at the cat’s body.

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