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Entropion In Dogs: Preventive Measures And Treatments

Entropion is a genetically inherited problem among dogs which can be avoided if certain preventive measures are adopted. This can also be induced physically in the dogs owing to the certain unhygienic reasons, sexual contact and injuries. However, entropion in dogs can be genetic disease also which cannot be avoided if any of the genes is disturbed internally. The disease effects the eyes of the dogs and can affect the eye- sight, eye lid and eye organs internally and externally both.

Preventive measures:

Various kinds of preventive measures related to the dogs can be adopted in order to prevent the risk factor of the disease. If the genetic abnormality is involved in the transmission of disease then nothing can prevent infection of the eye internally or externally.

Prevent obesity:

The dogs should be prevented from being obese. Over weight dogs have the highest risk of getting the entropion. Obesity opens the ways for inducing the infection of the disease in the body of the dogs.

  • Remedy for preventing obesity

In order to prevent the dog from getting obese you should take care of his diet properly. Such food items should be involved in his diet which have low level of fats so that the dog can develop the minimal risk factor for entropion. Another important remedy for the prevention of entropion and obesity is to involve the dog in the different exercises and tasks because this will not only keep him healthy but also prevent the transmission and attack of entropion in the dog.

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Authentic ways of breeding:

Authentic ways of breeding are an important step towards the prevention of the disease in dogs. Breeding can largely affect the transmission of the disease among the various breeds of dogs. The improper breeding is an important reason behind the entropion in dogs. There should be legal, authentic and proper ways adopted for breeding in order to prevent the disease. There is ban at the breeding methods and certain specific breeds of the dogs like Jian Xe, chow chow and other mutually with each other. Prevention of mutual breeding of such breeds can be a significant step towards the health of the dogs.

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Available treatments for entropion in dogs:

Different treatments are available for treating Entropion in dogs which can be applied according to the various pertaining stages of the diseases in the dogs.

  • Different forms of eye medicines

There are different eye medicines available for treating this disease. Eye drops can be applied at the affected area. Different kinds of ointments are also been prescribed to apply at the eye portion which has been infected by the disease. Lubricants and injections are present in the market that help to lessen the inflammation, pain and infection of the disease effectively.

eye medicines

  • Surgeries

Minor and major surgeries are been performed nowadays in order to restore the eye in its original state. The extent of the surgery depends up to the pertaining eye condition and extent of the infection inside the eye of the affected dogs.


Following these mentioned ways for preventing entropion in dogs can save your dog leading him from more evil disaster.

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