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Keep your pet away from doors and windows

Emergency Pet Care Tips To Keep It Warm In The Storm

Pets tend to reveal various emotions at different times of life. Most of the pets tend to get anxious due to weather changes occurring at different times of the year. Pets easily get confused or afraid due to the thunder or wind storm, some of the pets also possess the phobia for various climatic conditions. If your cat or dog tends to show anxiety during the occurrence of a thunder storm then you might be thinking about emergency pet care ways to keep him calm and safe? Have a look at these tips:

  • Keep your pet close

If you keep your pet close to yourself then your pet will feel assured and content. Your presence holds great importance for your pet. During the thunderstorm, your pet will feel lonely and scared but if you keep your pet cuddled against your body, then your pet will feel secure. Just play a nice comic movie or read a nice book and keep your doggy cuddled against your body; you are going to feel great too.

emergency pet care

  • Keep your pet hidden

Pets love to keep hidden during the thunder storm. It’s best to keep a secure space for your pets. If your pet feels secure inside its sleeping basket then you must keep it cuddled inside the basket. If your pet doesn’t feel the need to get cuddled in bed, then you must let your pet inside a small room and let it find a secure space for itself. You must also keep this in mind that not all the pets like to hide in small spaces during the storm. Another thing that you can do to calm your pet during the storm is to pull down all the shades and turn on your TV to any nice program or turn on some light music.

Keep your pet hidden

  • Introduce thunder shirts

Thunder shirt or snug shirt is a new invention that is designed to soothe your pet during a storm. Thunder shirt squeezes your dog by putting a pressure on its chest so your pet feels secure during the tenure of the storm. Your pet might also feel relaxed and feel into a deep sleep due to this shirt.

thunder shirts

  • Pheromones

Pheromones also commonly known by the name of DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromones) play a very effective part in calming down the dogs. Pheromones are not drugs but in fact they are available in spray form and contain synthetic elements. If your dog feels stressed during the storm then spraying its surroundings with pheromones will make your dog instantly relaxed.

Dog Appeasing Pheromones

  • Keep your pet away from doors and windows

During a thunderstorm cats and dogs get afraid of the doors and windows due to the lightening and alarming sound of the thunder strike. Its best to keep the doors closed and windows covered with the curtains during the storm. If the sound of the thunderstorm is too high then its best to turn on music at loud volume or you can also increase the volume of your TV.

Keep your pet away from doors and windows

Some of the dogs or cats also suffer from the extreme case of storm phobia. If this is the case with your pet then first try to calm it with above mentioned tips, it they don’t work then contact your pet’s vet.

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