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Eclampsia treatment

Eclampsia symptoms in dogs and treatment

Milk fever is a very dangerous disease present in most of the dogs. It is also known as eclampsia or puerperal tetany. Milk fever in dogs occurs in dogs because of low level of blood calcium. When the level of blood calcium is low in dogs then this problem occurs. Cats are also prominent in this regard. This issue is prominent in all the lactating animals because they produce milk. It is so because these pets are not able to bear the demand of excessive amount of calcium while producing milk. In this way, these animals especially dogs are unable to shift calcium in their milk. They cannot do so without any loss of calcium in their own levels of blood.

This issue occurs in pets when they give birth. It can also occur during the months of pregnancy. It is considered that dogs of small breed are at very great risk in this regard. A very important point in this regard is that, puppies or small dogs are safe even if the mother has this issue.

Eclampsia symptoms:

This disease is regarded as a serious disorder in most of the pets. Eclampsia symptoms in dogs can easily be recognized. Dog owners can easily recognize the symptoms of this issue after the pregnancy period of their dog. In the starting phase of this disease, the affected dog becomes nervous as well as restless. Later on, she has to walk by having a stiff gait. After some days, dog will not be able to walk properly. Her legs become rigid and stiff. She may also face a fever of very high temperature. Her rate of respiration may also get increased. Here, if you give no proper treatment to your dog, then she can face death for sure. The treatment is very important in order to cure this milk fever.

Eclampsia symptoms

Eclampsia treatment:

We have already mentioned above that the treatment is very important and essential in order to cure the dog from this issue. Veterinary attention is of very great importance in terms of this issue. Here, you are supposed to avoid your dog from nursing. You have to make them avoid nursing for at least one day. Feed the puppies with the well known milk replacer during these 24 hours. The bitch is then treated by the dog vet. Vet will give her all the required supplements in order to meet the deficiency of calcium in the bitch.

Eclampsia treatment

Eclampsia prevention:

You can prevent this dangerous disease to catch your dog for sure. If you stop giving the extra amount of calcium during the pregnancy period of your dog then you can surely minimize the risk of this disease. You can prevent this disease by giving your dog with the sufficient amount of calcium before, during and after the pregnancy. You are not supposed to provide the dog with supplements of calcium in these days. You must give the dog with proper amount of phosphorus for sure.

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