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Soak up the urine

Easy Ways To Remove Cat Urine Smell

Among all the different ways to remove cat urine smell, the home remedies are the easiest ones to follow. First of all, you need to make sure that your cat does not urinate outside the litter box to prevent yourself from the odour that is generated automatically when a cat urinates in areas of the house outside the litter box.

Following are the ways to remove odour of a cat’s urine:

  • Use enzymatic cleaner

If somehow your cat urinates somewhere in the house other than the litter box itself then try to clean that place with enzymatic cleaner as quickly as possible. Enzymatic cleaner is an artificial cleaner specifically used for cleaning pet’s urinated area.

ways to remove cat urine smell

  • Soak up the urine

Soak up the urine using paper towels, put pressure on the towels until the urine is all soaked up. Wear gloves on your hands to avoid in your hands as well. You can also use old useless towels as the thickness of such towels can soak up more urine comparatively than the paper ones. When whole of the urine is absorbed clean it off and throw away the towels.

Soak up the urine

  • Use vinegar solution

The home cleaning remedies made from vinegar are the best known. As the mixture of water and vinegar is popularly known for mirror cleaning, it is also used for the removal of cat urine odour. You can clean the urinated area with the help of saturated mixture of vinegar and water or the spray also. Clean up the area with the help of a bristle brush and rub the urinated surface.

Use vinegar solution

  • Use house hold cleaner

You can also make use of a house hold cleaner like phenyl or bleach with water to remove the urine and odour easily with the usual cleaning methods. The anti bacterial phenyl will remove the smell and also clean up the area.

bleach with water

  • Use apple cider vinegar with bleach

One table spoon of apple cider vinegar, a little quantity of bleach both mixed up with water is also a good remedy for the removal of cat’s urine smell.

apple cider vinegar with bleach

  • Use sodium bicarbonate/baking soda:

With the help of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda can be sprinkled on the urinated or smelly area. It is known to be a natural cleaner and odour-absorber. After this step mix a little amount of hydrogen peroxide and dish washer together, now use a scrub brush to rub the mixture onto baking soda and clean up the urinated area.

sodium bicarbonate

  • Natural enzyme cleaner

In case you want to keep it all natural. You can make your own enzyme cleaner at home with the help of following ingredients:

  • 7 tea spoons of brown sugar
  • 1 cup of lemons
  • 1 litre of water

Illustration of a Group of Common Natural Cleaning Ingredients

Fill a large container with all of the above ingredients and shake it well. Leave the mixture for about 3 months and after that you will get your own natural enzymatic cleaner.

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