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Dog Training, Yoga For The Doggie Soul

Yoga is a perfect exercise for humans. Through yoga, many humans have achieved a healthy living style, mental peace and healthy bodies. But the thing that very few of the people know is that yoga also incurs very strong effects on dogs. The benefits of yoga for the doggie soul are so amazing that every dog owner must bring his/her dog to the yoga classes in order to attain those benefits.  If you don’t know much about the doggie yoga or have heard about it for the very first time then this article will prove to be very informative for you.

Why yoga is beneficial for dogs?

Humans do yoga in order to master inner peace. Yoga not only changes your life but it also incurs positive effects on your health. Different yoga exercises not only help you take effective control of your life but these exercises will also improve your physical strength. Latest research has revealed that yoga not only incurs positive effects on the humans but it also incurs some amazing effects on the dog. Due to this reason, most of the dog owners started bringing their dogs to their yoga classes. So these yoga classes turned into more of a yoga class.

dog training

Most of the yoga experts believe that bringing dogs to yoga classes will not only be beneficial for your dog’s health but it would also strengthen your bond with your dog. You must bear this in mind that dogs love to spend time with their masters. They crave undivided attention from their masters. By having yoga with your dog, you will get to spend some quality time with your dog.

Yoga for dogs:

Most of the yoga instructors will just prefer on dogs joining the yoga classes and observing their masters performing various yoga exercises included in dog training. On the other hand, there are also some of the yoga instructors that encourage on indulging your dogs into the yoga activities. Most of the yoga exercises involve the masters lifting or stretching various body parts of their dogs. After performing these exercises with the help of their masters, the dogs tend to feel relaxed and happy.

Famous dog yoga poses:

Some of the famous yoga poses include:

  • Chair pose-your dog would be required to sit on its back legs as if its sitting on a chair. The dog master would be required to move to the back of the dog and help the dog raise its paws by holding them high.

yoga dog poses

  • Puppy Paw Mudra- The trainer will ask your dog to lay flat on its belly and then your dog will be required to stretch its forelegs in front on it. You will be required to put your head on the back of your dog by kneeling behind it. At the same time, you will be required to stretch your arms towards the front, already stretched legs of your dog.
  • Chaturanga-You will be required to stroke your dog’s back side but first your dog will be required to lie on its belly.
  • You can enroll into a registered yoga centre or you can also try these poses at home and have some fun time with your doggy buddy.

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