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Car Wash From Moose-Cow

Do You Want A Free Car Wash From Moose-Cow And Family?

You might have had your car washed at different places but you might never have experienced a car wash loaded with extreme cuteness. Recently John Marriot, who has been enjoying being a wildlife photographer for the last 21 years, got the chance to capture the most amazing view of his life. He was coaching his students at wildlife photography workshop in Canada when his car received a very unusual car wash.

Car Wash From Moose-Cow

John and his group fellows were indulged in their workshop activities at the Japer’s Maligne Lake located in Alberta when they noticed the presence of a moose-cow along with her calf. They decided to capture the pictures of moose-cow and her baby but both the mother moose-cow and her calf noticed that John’s car looked very dirty and dusty so they decided to give it a lick-wash. Mother moose-cow and baby moose approached John’s car and started providing it the cutest car wash ever with their licking power.

John captured the entire scene on his camera as he found it very amusing. Both mother and baby moose-cow carried on their carwash in a very professional way. Mother moose-cow noticed that the side-mirrors were not very clean so she instructed her baby to go for the mirrors while she licked the wind-shield. After the moose-cows were done with their lick-wash, John’s SUV was shining as a newly washed car and John was feeling quite happy with its look. The plus point of this car wash was that, John had received it for free.

Car Wash From Moose-Cow

John never compromised on professional quality so he wanted to capture the entire scene on his professional video camera but his gear was inside his car that was being washed by the moose and family. So he just settled for his mobile phone camera. Still the video he captured from his mobile phone was quite amazing and entertaining.

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