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What to Do With a Dead Cat

Do You Know What to Do With a Dead Cat?

Before doing anything else if you feel as if your cat is not breathing, put it on a table. If you find your cat to be stiff then it is a sign of being poisoned so observe the condition of your cat carefully before taking any other step. Do not feel depressed if you do not know what to do with a dead cat.

Following are the steps you should take if you do not feel your cat to be breathing:

  • Check her tongue

Before taking any other step open the mouth of your cat first and check if its tongue is warm or cold. If the tongue is cold then sadly your cat has passed away. And if your cat’s tongue is warm then there still are some chances as she is still alive.

What to Do With a Dead Cat

  • Go to your vet

After checking your cat’s warm tongue, call your vet before physically visiting him. He will guide you about the further steps to be taken to bring your cat’s life back.

dead cat

  • Put your cat in a box

Since you have found your cat to be deceased already then look up for a spacious box according to the size of your cat. Now put the dead body of your cat in a shoe box, some people put it in a cardboard box or plastic box.

cat in a box

  • Wrap or tie the box

Now that you have put your cat in the box, find a rope or wire to tie the box tightly by putting the lid of the box over it. Tie it completely so that no one can get in easily.

Wrap or tie the box

  • Look up for a spot to bury your cat

As your cat is resting in the box now go outside and look for a fine place in the outdoor yard to bury your cat. Dig a hole of about 3-5 feet deep for the burial. If you do not own a house or you don’t have a place for the burial outside your home then ask from a friend or a family member’s place and bury it in their land after they give you permission to do so. If you still are unable to manage a fine place then ask for your vet’s help. He would suggest you some good place for this.

burry cat

  • Pet cemetery

After trying every other option, the last option could be a pet cemetery. But it can be a bit costly.


  • Dig a hole

Once you have found a fine place to bury your cat, dig a hole that is about the size of your box. It should be deep enough so that the box can easily be fit into it.

Place the box in the hole

  • Place the box in the hole

Rest the box into the hole and then fill the hole with the dirt you dug out. Say a final good bye to your pet.

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