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blood in cat urine

Curing Blood In Cat Urine

Inflammation of bladder or infection of bladder in cats is common but it usually doesn’t occur due to bacterial infestation. If we talk about the bacterial infections in bladder then it is rare in cats than in dogs. You are not going to see it in young cats but it might be seen in cats of old age. When cats do become victim of bacterial infection in bladder, it is usually caused by E-coli. If you possess a cat then getting to know the details about the blood in cat urine, causes and treatment is very important for the health and well-being of your cat.

If you are having confusion in understanding the functioning an importance of bladder then you must understand that bladder holds a great importance in the body as it collects urine and holds it till the process of elimination. The common bladder infection is known by the name of Cystisis, the other infections linked with bladder infection include Utethritis and Pyelonephritis.

Most of the vets are of the opinion that the bacteria surrounding anus can also result in bladder infection if it enters the urethra.

Symptoms of bladder infection:

If your cat any one or all of the following symptoms then it’s time to see a vet:

  • Traces of blood in the urine
  • Cloudy color of urine
  • Recurring urination after small intervals- your cat passes urine in small amount and always feel full
  • Feel sharp twinge of pain while urination
  • Licking genital more often
  • Strong foul smell coming from the urine
  • Not peeing inside the litter box

blood in cat urine

Diagnosing bladder infection:

Bladder infection can be diagnosed through various methods such as:

  • Physical infection
  • Collection and analysis of urine samples
  • White blood cells and red blood cells count might be checked
  • Bacterial culture-this test is administered in order to find out the kind of the bacteria present in the bladder. E-coli is seen in most of the cases, some of the other common bacteria include strep, proteus and staph bacteria
  • Ultrasound- this will be administered in order to detect calculi

blood in cat urine


Once bladder infection has been detected, the vet is going to suggest various medical treatments for this infection.

  • The vet might suggest a course of antibiotics that must be consumed for at least two weeks.
  • If the cat is facing a bacterial infection then the culture test will be administered. This culture test will suggest that which type of antibiotics might be suitable for those bacteria.
  • The next thing that you must keep in mind is to provide the domestic treatment along with the medical treatment. It’s best to provide your cat with as much drinking water. Not only must you encourage your cat to drink lots of water but you must also provide your cat with wet food or food that contains high level of water.

blood in cat urine

Extra measures:

You must also keep the litter tray clean. It would also be better to keep different litter trays in different areas of the house.

Cleaning the cat litter box

If your cat has long fur then be sure to trim the fur after every few days.

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