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America Family Pet Expo

Colorful America Family Pet Expo arriving soon in California

If you have missed all the pet shows in the town then you are in for a treat because the America Family Pet Expo is going to arrive in California very soon. Scheduled for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April, this pet Expo will take place in the year 2016. Known as the world’s largest Pet Expo, you are definitely going to enjoy every second of your life in this show. The show hours of this pet show will be from 10 am to 6am on the 22nd and 23rd of the April while the show will be open for an extra hour on the 23rd of the April.

Entertaining pig race will also amaze you during the show

The greatest feature of this show is that people from all around the world will be participating in this show. Around 1000 different animal species will be shown in this Pet Expo. You will get the chance to interact with various amazing reptiles such as lizards, tarantulas and slithery snakes. You will be amazed to see the enhancing competitions of these reptiles during the show.

America Family Pet Expo









People will also get to know various animal species and reptiles

During the show you will also get the chance to see the adventurous activities of police dogs, how these dogs interact with police officers and what is the importance of police dogs in police force? The planning of Bird show, cat program and amazing dog event is so awesome that they are going to capture your hearts.

police dogs

Different discussions on Dog breeds will also take place during the Expo

Although no pets are allowed in the Pet Expo but the kids are definitely welcome. Different pet competitions will also be organized where kids would be required to participate along with the animals for instance the aquarium contest.  Do grab your tickets for this colorful event.

Family Pet Expo

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