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shampoo for your dog

Choosing Suitable Shampoo For Your Dog Skin

Dogs tend to become the most loving and the most faithful pets. This is the reason that humans and dogs have shared a very unique and special relation since ages. When you are in love with someone you try to provide that person with the best. When it comes to selecting a shampoo for your dog then most of the humans tend to go for the best. But sometimes the best is not ok for your pet. Before going for any pet shampoo its best to know the skin type and the allergies of your dog so you can select a suitable shampoo for him.

Difference between dog shampoo and human shampoo:

Dog shampoos are different from human shampoos because the human skin and dog skin are totally different from each other. The sensitivity level of the dog skin is too high but the density of the dog skin is almost half in comparison to the human skin. Even the pH balance of dogs skin is very different from the human skin. If you try to use human shampoo on the dog skin then your dog will develop instant allergic reaction to that shampoo because the human shampoos are very strong. On the other hand, not every pet shampoo is suitable for every dog. You first need to check out the skin condition of your dog and then go for a specific shampoo.


All those products that have high level chemicals must be avoided in case of dogs. You must keep in mind that dogs have the habit of licking themselves so you must avoid applying anything on them that will prove harmful for them if it gets inside their stomach. Similarly, you must not use products that contain the elements of Tea Tree because some of the shampoos and conditioners contain these elements in high ratio and using such products on your dog can be harmful for your dog.

 shampoo for your dog

Recommended shampoos for your dog:

  • If your dog is scratching and biting himself all the time then it means that he has itchy skin. It is much better to go for a shampoo containing oatmeal or if uncertain then you can also go for any medicated shampoo.
  • If your dog is constantly falling prey to fungal or bacterial skin infection such as dermatitis then its best to use medicated shampoos. If you are uncertain about which medicated shampoos to go for then you must go for the shampoo that contains the element of Miconazole. But still its best to seek the advice from an experienced vet because your dog’s skin is going to become extra dry after the use of a medicated shampoo.
  • If the skin of your dog is too greasy then again it’s best to go for a medicated shampoo for dogs or any anti-bacterial shampoo.
  • If your dog is feeling irritated due to dry skin then its best to go for any moisturizing shampoo. You can also go for the shampoo that contains Aloe Vera or you can go for the shampoo that contains fish oils.

If your dog is not suffering from any of the skin issues then you can pamper him with a high quality natural shampoo. You can also use a conditioner if you dog smell too much but using a conditioner on your dog in normal circumstances is not a good idea.

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