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Chicken and rice diet for dogs

Chicken and Rice – A healthy diet for pets

Same like human beings, pets also need some very healthy and tasty food items. You should try to provide them with different unique and healthy suggested food items from your own food menu. A healthy diet for pets can include so many food items but rice and chicken are the best in this regard. Rice as well as chicken is considered as best in this regard. It is so because these two are very rich in nutritional values and they taste really amazing. These two food items are included in our daily routine so you can easily give them to your pets as well. Chicken diet for dogs is very common mostly in Western countries.

For this purpose there are so many recipes for your pets. You can cook rice and chicken in any possible way for your dog or cat. Here we are going to mention a very simple and pet friendly chicken rice diet for dogs that anyone can easily make to feed his pet.


Lean boneless chicken       1 Kg

Vegetable oil                      7 tbsp.

Frozen peas                        2 cups

Table salt                            1 tbsp.

Water                                  1 liter

Bone meal powder             1 tbsp.

Cooked white rice              10 cups

Frozen Spinach                  2 Cups


Large Saucepan and fry pan needed


  • Slice all boneless chicken and then fry it in batches. You can use vegetable oil here at this point.
  • Heat the remaining vegetable oil and add all above mentioned vegetables in it for almost 10 min.
  • Add one meal powder, salt and water.
  • Cook for at least one hour.
  • Remove heat after 1 hour and then add the already cooked rice in it.
  • Divide the entire cooked food into 10 equal portions and then freeze them.
  • Before each serving, heat the food every time.
  • Serve at room temperature.

Chicken and rice diet for dogs

Overall, this recipe is very amazing as well as simple for all kinds of dogs. You can also use this chicken and rice diet for dogs with allergies. This is a very basic type of recipe. You can customize it according to the taste as well as the need of your pet. You can cook this meal and freeze it for many days. You just need to heat it before serving it to your pet.

Your pet will definitely love this new treat. For those pets that are on fry food diet can also have this meal. Divide his meals into both chicken rice and dry fruits. For instance, provide your pet with dry fruit for fifteen days and in remaining fifteen days, give them chicken and rice meals. In this way, your pet can have healthy and at the same time tasty meals throughout the month. This chicken and rice diet for sick dog is also very beneficial.

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