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Cherry Eye In Dogs

Cherry Eye In Dogs: Causes & Treatment

Keeping a dog in the house is not an easy task as you have to fulfill every need of your doggy buddy in time. If you are keeping a dog then you must also learn to understand his needs and bodily requirements. Your doggy pet won’t be able to communicate his health issues with you in human language so you would have to take care of him and study his actions. Most of the people complain about the occurrence of a red thing in their dog’s eyes. Cherry eye in dogs is a common issue and can be easily treated by taking the necessary medical treatments.

What is Cherry eye?

The thing that most of the dog owners don’t known is that dogs possess not one, not two but three eyelids. Two of these eyelids can be seen on routine basis, while the third eyelid cannot be seen easily. You would be amazed at the fact that dogs possess three eyelids; what is the function or importance of this third eyelid is the issue that confuses most people. This third eyelid is very important as it protects the eye. Third eyelid plays following functions:

  • It keeps dog’s eye clean from dust, dirt or any sort of debris.
  • It keeps dog’s eye moisturized by providing about 35% of the moisture from a tear gland.

Cherry Eye In Dogs

The tear gland that is a part of the third eyelid and is situated inside the eye right underneath the area near dog’s nose, moves from its location and swells out of the eye. You might see red or red-pinkish thing bulging out from your dog’s eye; this pinkish thing is known as cherry eye.

Causes of Cherry eye:

Clear causes of cherry eye have not been understood yet but according to the veterinary doctors, cherry eye happens as a result of

  • Cancer
  • Bacterial infection
  • Dermatitis
  • Sun damage
  • Weakened immune system
  • Fungal infection

You must keep in mind that dogs from the age of six weeks to two years fall prone to this condition. Another important thing that must not be ignored is that this condition is known as a hereditary condition so if you possess a dog with this condition then you must never think about breeding that dog.

Cherry Eye

Treatments and care:

The most popular treatment for cherry eye is the surgical procedure in which the gland is pushed back to its original location. There is also a common trend in which the vets will opt to remove the third eyelid. But removing the third eyelid can incur some very negative effects on the optical health of your dog. The moisture level of your dog’s eye will be disturbed if the third eyelid is removed as third eyelid plays a very important role in the tear production of your eye. Your dog will continuously face the issue of dry eye so it’s best to get a second opinion if your vet is recommending the surgical removal of the third eyelid.

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