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cats versus dogs

Cats Versus Dogs: How They Are Really Rivals?

Since the start of age we have always witnessed a great rivalry between cats and dogs. Whether you see it in real life, cartoons or movies; cats and dogs have always maintained a long-lasting relation of animosity between them.  Remember the Tom & Jerry cartoons? You might have seen and enjoyed Tom getting attacked by the ferocious Bruno in various episodes of this cartoon series. Now if we come to analyze this issue by observing the facts, there are many real-life examples where a cat and a dog lead a happy life along with each other.  Let’s analyze some of the facts and find out whether the theory of cats versus dogs: Are they really rivals is true or not?

According a pet behavior consultant from New York, this concept of animosity between cats and dogs is nothing but a pet myth. Recent survey results have revealed that around 16 to 17 percent of the Americans have kept both of the cats and dogs in the house. If you are thinking about keeping both dog and a cat at your home then can easily do it and maintain a calm environment by following these below mentioned rules.

Maintain a personalized space for your cat:

This is the first and foremost rule that you must keep in mind. Although most of the times cats and dogs are not a threat to each other still you must take all the necessary precautionary measures before bringing a cat to your house. You need to create a personalized space for your cat in a separate area of your house. You must equip this personalized place with all the necessary items of use for your cat. The area for your cat must contain a sleeping basket, water bowl, food bowl and a litter box for your cat. Do keep in mind to attach a door to opening of this personalized cat space so the dog in your house won’t be able to enter this place.

cats versus dogs

Attach a leash to the dog’s collar:

It’s best to attach a least to your dog’s collar so when your dog is about to pounce on your cat, you can get the chance to control it. If your dog gets irritated due to leash, then you must get a tether for your dog. Tether is a lot lighter in weight than a leash so the dog won’t feel burdened.

least to your dog’s collar

Adopt cat and dog at young age:

If you want to keep both dog and cat together then you must adopt both of them when they are just babies. When your cat and dog will get to live together at such young age, they will grow an affiliation with each other.

Adopt cat and dog at young age

Do proper research on the breeds:

You must do proper research on the traits of different breeds before adopting a dog and a cat because some of the dog breeds might not be suitable for your pet cats.


Don’t interfere (too much):

It’s best not to interfere too much if your dog shows an angry reaction upon viewing the cat. If you interfere then your dog will start becoming jealous of your cat and then the matters will start getting out of hand.

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