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How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet?

how to train your cat to use the toilet

Most of us are very fond of keeping indoor cats. Pet lovers are so much in love with the kittens and cats that they want to own them at any cost. But before doing so you need to train yourself to keep the cats properly and know their habits and …

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Steps To Stop Cats From Peeing On Indoor Stuff

stop cats from peeing

Being a caring cat owner you need to keep a regular eye on your cat’s activities and habits. If your cat urinates outside its litter box on house stuff then the main reason behind that would be maybe your cat is going through some health problems. The problems could be …

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How do I calm my dog if he is much vigorous?

how do I calm my dog

If we analyze the behavior of dogs, it seems similar to the behavior of kids. Some kids are calm and silent while some are full of firework blasts. Same goes with dogs, some of the dogs are calm, quite and obedient but some are so energetic that controlling them becomes …

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Top 10 pets games to train your pet

pets games

Pets games play a vital role in the grooming and training of your pet in the best possible ways. Some of the best games are mentioned below: Flirt Pole: In this game a rope is attached to a handle or pole. A toy is also attached at the end of …

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Tips for kennel training a puppy properly

Kennel training

Dogs are naturally den animals. If they are introduced wisely and correctly with a wire or plastic kennels, it will provide them a sense of security. Kennel training a puppy is very much important. They should be trained enough that they use kennel as a refuge when he wants to stay …

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Key steps towards training a lab puppy

training through clicker

If you are an owner of a Labrador puppy then you must want to train him by yourself. Training a lab puppy is no more difficult if you follow the training steps in a proper way. They just need your attention. You must have many questions in your mind that …

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Training toy breeds? Here is how!


If you are searching for the friendliest, funniest, most active and mischievous breed of dogs then toy breed is best for you. Although toy breeds are considered to be the most mischievous breed of dogs yet they are cutest and most innocent breed. With tiny body frame, these dogs are …

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How To Train Your Dog To Attack On Strangers?

train dog to attack

Giving your dog a proper training in terms of attack is considered as a very important part. Besides the basic dog training, attack training is also of very much importance. For this purpose you have to keep some important points in mind in order to train your dog to attack. …

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