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Top 10 Male Cow Breeds Of 2016

cow breeds

There are billions of the breeds of every animal and there are thousands of the breeds of cows as well. Dairy farming is quite a good business in Pakistan, the meat and milk produced from the cow is sold at a good rate. This is the most successful business in …

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Top 10 Short Haired Dog Breeds

short haired dog breeds

Every pet requires special attention when it comes to the grooming; especially the dog breeds that have long hair, but there are also some breeds of dogs for those who love dogs but don’t have much time for their grooming. Given below is the list of the top 10 short …

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Top 10 Dogs With Hair Not Fur

dogs with hair not fur

Dogs with fur have dander, pet have pollens inside them which are known as dander. However dogs with hair instead of fur have a very low level of dander. People who have allergies from dogs can also keeps dogs that have hair because they are less allergic as compared to …

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Top 10 Curly Haired Dogs

curly haired dogs

Different dogs have different hair type and all the types of hair require different type of care. For providing your dog with hair cut, one must know what type of hair coat the dog has. Some are the dog breeds that require extreme maintenance. The Top 10 curly haired dogs …

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Top 10 Long Haired Dog Breeds

Long Haired Dog Breeds

Long haired dog breeds looks great, but the only thing which need to be considered when buying a long haired dog is that they require grooming after regular intervals of time. Some people love to get a long haired dog as a pet, but those are the individuals who can …

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Top 10 Small Dog Breeds

small dog breeds

Do you love dogs? If yes then, you must know that the adorable of all the dog breeds is small dogs and apart from being highly adorable they are the best companions as well. The dogs that are small in size are easy to care for, you can take them …

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Famous Chow Chow Dog Breeds Nowadays

chow chow dog

Even President Calvin and his wife owned two chow chow dogs, a red “Timmy” and black one “Blackberry”. Sigmend freud, an Australian psychoanalyst chose the chow as his ultimate companion. A chow chow dog is still loved throughout the world for his nobleness of a lion, silliness of a panda …

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Top 5 Chow Chow Temperament Qualities

chow chow temperament

Chow chow dogs are quite intimidating due to their wrinkled face, scowling, lion-like ruff, appearance. Chows are the difficult breeds of all to manage and train, as they require special care and attention but most important patience of the owner. They are intolerable towards physical punishment and cannot stand being …

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Chinese Chow Dog, Why To Adopt It?

chinese chow dog

Fluffy-lion dog referred to as the chinese chow dog originated from the north china and is considered the oldest breed. Their class has also been stated as the “Dog of Tang Empire” and is mostly recognized as the Black Mouth Dog. They are best known for their introverted quality and …

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7 Unusual Pets To Have At Home

unusual pets to have at home

Pets can bring colors and love to our life. If you are leading a lonely life then by keeping a pet at home you will definitely feel hustle and bustle in your home. Pets can become a great motivation for any person getting fed up of his life. If you …

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Top Dog Breeds Rising In Popularity In USA

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Everybody knows that Labrador retriever has been ranking at number one positions for the last few decades. There are many other dog breeds that have been making it to the top ten dog breeds for last few years. But the issue with ranking is that it keeps on changing with …

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