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Pets Are Saving Us Billions In The Health Care Costs Every Year

health care costs

Various institutions are heading various kinds of researches regarding the relationship impacts of the pets and human beings mutually at each other. However, according to a scientific study it has been found that the pets play a very positive role in improving the mental and physical health of man. The …

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New York Pets Protection Law 2016 For Small Animals

New York pets protection law

In order to protect hamsters and other small pets New York’s state law has proclaimed their safety protection and health care. There are many people who are interested in keeping hamsters and other small kind of mammal pets. The brought up of these small animals is different from that of …

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Second Hand Smoking Bad For Pets, Research Shows

smoking bad for pets

A bad news for the smokers owes to be the harmful effects of smoking at the pets. According to a new research it has been defined that the smoking is not only injurious for the person himself but also for the pets who live at the home of the smoker. …

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