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Zodiac For Dogs: What’s In The Stars For Your Pet?

Zodiac For Dogs

Although most of the people won’t believe it but pet zodiac incur great effects on the personalities of our pets. Two pets from similar breed behave differently due to the difference in their zodiacs. If you possess a pet and don’t know what’s in the stars for your pet then …

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How To Prevent Cat Hoarse Meow?

cat hoarseness

The meowing cat may not sound right or not sound at all. It might sound as though it’s lost its meow altogether. There can be a lot of reasons why your cat has lost its meow and went hoarse. Sometimes, they just meow too much. And yet sometimes it is …

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How Deal With Cat Heat Stroke?

Cat Heat Stroke

Cats only sweat through the pads on their feet, or they pant. Their body temperature rises quickly when they are subjected to high temperatures. When this happens they go through heat exhaustion and then get heat stroke. Therefore, if the temperature of the cat’s body is not brought down fast, …

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How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop?

How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop

Pets tend to develop different types of habits. Some of them seem harmless and tend to go away with the passage of time but some of the habits seem irritating and don’t tend to go away easily. Most of the dog owners complain about the poop-eating habit of their puppies …

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How To Cure Kitten Eye Discharge?

Cat Eye Discharge

A normal healthy cat has bright clear glassy eyes. While a cat that has gooey gloomy looking eyes with an eye discharge isn’t healthy. There can be several causes for kitten eye discharge. One of the main causes is that the cat has gotten a severe cold and it has an …

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How Cat Fever Can Be Handled?

cat fever

When a cat gets a fever it gets hyperthermia causing its body temperature to be really high. The cat’s nose is not wet and cold as usual it is dry and warm. Sometimes, when a cat is running a fever it is due to a respiratory infection or a common …

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How To Treat Ear Mites In Cats?

Treatments for cat ear discharge

Cat ear discharge is one of many different and yet common known infections a feline can get. The most important thing you can do if you believe your cat has this problem is take it to the veterinarian for further medical attention. Cat ear discharge can become a serious problem …

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How To Crate Train Your Dog? Easy Solution!

how to crate train your puppy

Crate training is not an easy task as dogs love to wander freely but on the other hand no one can under-estimate the importance of crate training. Training your dog to rest peacefully and calmly inside the crate is one of the most important tasks of dog keeping. Crate is …

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How Is Cat Cough Triggered?

Cat Cough

There are many similarities between the nature of a cat and a human being. If we take a look at the biological factors then we’ll know that cats can also catch those diseases or viruses that are quite common in human being. Although it would seem weird but the fact …

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