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How Is Cat Cough Triggered?

Cat Cough

There are many similarities between the nature of a cat and a human being. If we take a look at the biological factors then we’ll know that cats can also catch those diseases or viruses that are quite common in human being. Although it would seem weird but the fact …

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How To Treat Intense Cat Burn?

Cat burn

Cats can get into accident at anytime of the day due to their curious nature. Most of the times cats get injured or burned; in either case, cat master must know how to treat the burns/wounds and take care of the cat. In this article we are going to provide …

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How To Treat Cat Bad Breath?

cat bad breath

In humans, bad breath is the symptom of any sort of health disturbance i.e. stomach disturbance or dental issue. The case with the cats is almost similar to the human beings; if you feel that bad and strong breath is coming from your cat’s mouth then it means that your …

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Cat Anal Glands: Symptoms & Treatment

anal glands

Although this is not a very pleasant topic but still it needs to be discussed because most of the cats face the severe issue of anal gland diseases in their routine lives. Cat anal glands are present in the cats of both sexes. Anal sacs are mainly the anal glands …

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How To Realize And Release Cat Aggression?

cat aggression

Cat is a social animal. Every cat tends to behave in a different way. Cats love to play with other cats and during their play they tend to display various types of behaviors towards other cats and fellow pets. Sometimes cat display rough behavior while playing with other cats and …

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How To Bandaging A Cat Properly?

bandaging cat

Accidents can happen at any time of the day or at any place. What would you do if your cat gets hurt and its dark and stormy outside? How are you going to find a vet during the late hours of night? What if your cat has harmed itself in …

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How To Get Cat Abscess Treatment?

Cat abscess

Cat abscess is a very common form of bacterial infection that can occur in cats. Abscess appears in the form of pus-filled pocket and seems very disturbing. Cat abscess becomes very uncomfortable and threatening is left unattended. Not only it affects the outer skin but it also gives way to …

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How To Save My Cat From Cat Chemical Burn?

Cat chemical burn

Cats are extremely active creatures and just like kids we have to take care of our cats when they are in the range of chemicals, heated or electrically operated items. Cat chemical burn is very common in domestic cats due to possession of dangerous household chemicals inside the house. There …

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