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Cat Parasite Symptoms And Treatment

Cat Parasite Symptoms

Educating yourself about parasites: It is important to know that there are many different kinds of parasites that can harm your cat. Heart worms can kill your cat as other parasites can as well. Ticks and fleas are parasites can become infestations in your home and can be quite annoying …

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Why My Cat Has Nose Bleed?

Cat Has Nose Bleed

Many cats go a lifetime without a nose bleed and this is good. Although, there are those who get into small cat fights and could perhaps get scratched up in some way and receive a nose bleed as well. However, nose bleeds in cats are not very common and are …

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Cat Bug Bites Symptoms And Precautions

Cat Bug Bites Symptoms

There are some insect bites that don’t require much attention while others will send you to the veterinarian with your cat. A bee sting for example, you can take care of at home unless the cat is allergic to them. But parasites or ear mites require antibiotics from the veterinarian …

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Limping Cat Syndrome, How To Care For It?

Limping Cat Syndrome

The only way to find out why your cat is limping is to take it to a veterinarian. He or she can usually diagnosis the problem with an x-ray and other tests. Sometimes the diagnosis can be found very quickly and your veterinarian can prescribe antibiotics or set the limb …

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Why Cat Increased Water Consumption?

Cat Increased Water Consumption

For some people seeing your cat drinking a lot of water is very unusual. It can even cause your cat to gain a little extra weight. Your cat being really thirsty when it is outside in the heat is to be expected however too much water is a cause for …

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Types Of Weight Loss In Cats

Weight Loss In Cats

Medical weight loss: If weight loss is medical then you should take your cat to a veterinarian to find out what is wrong. If it is losing weight and you are feeding it properly and it isn’t under any stress there is something medically wrong with it. Stress weight loss: …

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How To Prevent Cat Hoarse Meow?

cat hoarseness

The meowing cat may not sound right or not sound at all. It might sound as though it’s lost its meow altogether. There can be a lot of reasons why your cat has lost its meow and went hoarse. Sometimes, they just meow too much. And yet sometimes it is …

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How Deal With Cat Heat Stroke?

Cat Heat Stroke

Cats only sweat through the pads on their feet, or they pant. Their body temperature rises quickly when they are subjected to high temperatures. When this happens they go through heat exhaustion and then get heat stroke. Therefore, if the temperature of the cat’s body is not brought down fast, …

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