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Know The Dangers Of Cat Claw Trimming

Cat Claw Trimming

Cats are the most important, common and innocent pets found in the world. They need complete process of care for their health and good behavior. For keeping them well mannered and healthy it is important to keep their nails healthy. Scratching is common among cats which can be sometimes furious …

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Low Cost Flea Remedies For Cats And Dogs

flea spray

There are many different kinds of low cost flea remedies for cats and dogs have been developed with years of experience. The successful results of the various kinds of flea remedies ensure the end of the harmful and dangerous fleas from your pets and home. Fleas are the main reason …

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When To Call Pet Poison Control?

pet poison control

Toxins are substances that are harmful to the body, even poison can cause death if not treated quickly with the best possible ways and remedies. One thing that often causes pets exposed to poisoning is because they have been consuming the wrong foods or touching the insects that carry poison …

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Wing clipping birds – Do’s and Don’ts

wing clipping birds

Keeping a bird at your home, especially a parrot or sparrow seems like a great experience as your house with be filled with chirping and tweeting of these birds. Most of the bird owners don’t believe in keeping their birds in a cage all day, instead they tend to reserve …

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How Long Do Female Dogs Bleed?

female dogs bleed

It is recommended to each and every owner of female dog to be ready for the cycle of estrus in her. This cycle of estrus is totally same like the menstrual cycle of a woman. There is only one difference in these cycles which is that estrus cycle in female …

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