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Supplements Help Horses Perform at Their Best


Horses are usually able to get all the nutrition they need from good quality pasture, hay and grain, but top performance horses are athletes who require additional nutrition. These talented equines may include thoroughbred racehorses, stock type horses that are trained for reining, team penning and ranch work. Sport horses …

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Dog Scared of Fireworks? Top 3 Home Remedies

Dog Scared of Fireworks

Some pet dogs have no problem with the loud noises such as the noise of fireworks and some are even afraid of their sight. Dogs are afraid of these kinds of things usually because they are not used to it, days on which people celebrate events with fireworks are stressful …

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5 Killer Benefits Of Colostrum For Pets

benefits Of Colostrum

Colostrum is the first milk of the mother; it is an important thing to keep the babies (animal) healthy. Colostrum contains a lot of properties that are best for the newborns; it helps in growing in the best way possible. It helps the body of the newborn in functioning perfectly …

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Know What Sleeping Dogs Feel You

sleeping dogs

Pets are the best companions of humans, they are better than human companions in many cases. Whether a person is single or whether is in a bad relationship, dogs can always be there for you. Some people have allergies from pets with hair on their body like dogs; they should …

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Should I Smooch My Pooch ?

Smooch My Pooch

It is a fact that the people who own a pooch or other dog breeds love them and kissing them is not a thing to worry for them because they don’t bother thinking about the health issues that can be caused by kissing a dog. When a dog owner kisses …

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Will Mothballs Keep Cats Away?

Will mothballs keep cats away

Mothballs are balls that are used for killing insects; not only insects but snakes, mice and other unwanted things in home. Mothballs are quite a harmful thing for kids and the other pets which you consider as a family member, these mothballs comes in different shapes and sizes. Some have …

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How To Manage Cat Hair?

how to manage cat hair

How to manage cat hair is not a difficult task, all you have to do is care. Here are some of the simple things that you can do to prevent cat hair from falling and making the family members sick. There are many causes that can be a reason of cats shedding …

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How To Know If You’re Allergic To Cats?

How to know if you’re allergic to cats

Allergies in human beings from pets are quite a common thing, allergies from their fur is not a new thing. Allergies caused by cats are more common in individuals who already have other allergies as well, especially asthma. A lot of the people all around the globe have different allergies …

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Dealing Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

Everybody loves to eat chocolate in this age. Whether it’s a kid, an adult or a pet, chocolate is the most favorite desert on earth. Latest scientific research has revealed that caffeine present in chocolate helps you feel relax and lowers the level of mental stress. But the thing that …

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