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How To Groom A Yorkie Breed At Home?

Yorkie brushing

Yorkshire dogs are very beautiful and it is really easy to groom them. How to groom a yorkie is no more a problem now. They have got amazing coats and the silky look of their coats is appraised by the people who have them. What you need to do is …

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Best Pomeranian Haircut Technique At Home


Thick and beautiful, the dense coats cover looks amazing on these little smarty dogs. The Pomeranian hair looks cute and beautiful when properly trimmed. A proper haircut of your puppy makes him look fluffy and very feisty. Here, we are going to let you know the exact technique for pomeranian …

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How To Groom A Maltese With Effective Ways?

brusing maltese

The article includes guidelines on how to groom a maltese step by step and how to keep him clean and maintained forever. Once you are done with grooming your Maltese breed, both you and your breed will feel better living with each other forever. Basic steps for grooming Maltese breed: …

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Tips to keeping well groomed dogs

well groomed dogs

Just keeping a dog inside your house is not enough. If you want to keep a dog then you must realize that keeping a dog is a huge responsibility because you have to take care of his health, his diet, his exercise, his vaccinations and his grooming. Dogs are such …

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How to clean dogs ears yourself?

clean dogs ears

Keeping your dog healthy takes lot of effort and lots of dedication. If you want to keep your dog healthy then must keep it clean otherwise your dog will fall prey to thousands of deadly diseases. Cleaning process involves trimming your dog’s hair, nail, bathing your dog and brushing his …

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How To Cutting Dog Hair With Clippers?

cutting dog hair with clippers

Cutting your dog’s hair is not an easy task as most of the dogs tend to panic during this procedure. Some of the dog owners solve this issue by taking their dogs to professional hair dressers which is very expensive. If you are having trouble cutting your beloved dog’s hair …

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Dirty Dog Grooming Tips At Home

dog ears

We think that only human beings need to keep themselves clean and groomed but this it is not true. We should also pay attention to the grooming of our pets especially dogs. According to many vets, dirty dog grooming is a very important aspect of the overall personality of a …

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