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Best Toys for Birds To Make Them Pleased

toys for birds

Birds are a wonderful creation which needs the care and love just like the human kids. They need to eat variety of food and love to play with different kinds of toys. They look beautiful and innocent when they are playing with toys. There are various kinds of toys for …

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Why To Avoid Feeding Wild Birds In The Zoo?

Feeding Birds

Feeding the wild birds by the common man is one of the serious and important reasons behind the extinction of many important species of wild birds. The majority of people does not know what to feed and what to not feed to the wild birds. Unconsciously, during the feeding of …

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How To Make Bluebird Houses At Home?

blue bird house

Blue birds are among the most beautiful, attractive and wonderful bird’s species which are highly liked and caught by human beings. It is very important to provide the natural habitat to these birds in the form of blue bird houses because they love to survive in the most natural form …

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A Guide Toward Bird Egg Identification

bird eggs

Birds lay eggs in their nest generally however we may find eggs at some strange places as well. This happens because certain species of birds are in a habit of laying eggs at different places of land. When there are different species of birds living at the same place together …

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Different Types of Bird Seeds For Different Birds

Sunflower seeds

Birds eat different kinds of things however some typical kind of seeds are considered to be the main ingredient of their food. Some specific species remain alive at the intake of some typically specific bird seeds and it is very harmful to give other food items to such kinds of …

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How To Make Bird Identification By Color?

Bird Identification By Color

Birds are the most colorful creation in the universe. Their beauty and elegance is because of their colorful feathers. There are some common and basic colors of birds which help the humans during bird identification by color. Every single basic color present among the variety of other colors which beautify …

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Know About Helpful Bird Feeding Tips

bird feeding

Every species of birds differ from each other and needs the right way of feeding birds properly. There are different styles of bird feeding for every individual species of the birds. You can get some important and helpful feeding tips here.                 The …

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Wing clipping birds – Do’s and Don’ts

wing clipping birds

Keeping a bird at your home, especially a parrot or sparrow seems like a great experience as your house with be filled with chirping and tweeting of these birds. Most of the bird owners don’t believe in keeping their birds in a cage all day, instead they tend to reserve …

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Learn how to care for newborn birds?

how to care for newborn birds

Newly born baby birds seem like the most adorable creatures in the world. Like every other mother, mother bird tends to care too much for her little ones. But accidents do happen and accidently one of her baby can fall out of the nest. Many times we get the chance …

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Tips On How To Choose A Pet Bird

macaw pet bird

Birds are really lovable creatures. They are cute, they hold a nice sound and they can become your friends too. It happens many times that a person who doesn’t know about the pet he wants to buy for himself that he is unable to decide how to go for it. …

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