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Cat Increased Water Consumption

Why Cat Increased Water Consumption?

For some people seeing your cat drinking a lot of water is very unusual. It can even cause your cat to gain a little extra weight. Your cat being really thirsty when it is outside in the heat is to be expected however too much water is a cause for concern. And, it can be a problem for an indoor cat that has access to all the water it wants.

Below are three different illnesses a cat might have that could be causing the cat increased water consumption in your cat although there are several different medical theories.

Cat Increased Water Consumption

Kidney failure:

Kidney failure could be one cause of increased water intake by your cat. This also includes going to the bathroom a lot and losing weight. Although there are other symptoms of renal failure the increase in water intake in a cat is the most frequent.

Feline diabetes:

Feline diabetes is another way of seeing that your cat has an increase of water intake. It has too much sugar in its urine and has to go to the bathroom a lot. This also makes it stay thirsty so it will drink a lot of water. Cats with diabetes will eat more too and lose weight even with an increased water intake.


This condition is caused from a thyroid stimulated hormone. It of course is the source for the increase of water intake in your cat. What it does is causes the thyroid gland to work to fast. So, your cat won’t only have an increase of water intake but it will eat more too without gaining weight.

What you should do:

If you feel as though your cat has an increase water intake caused by an illness of some kind you should take it into the veterinarian and have it checked out. The veterinarian will basically perform different tests to find out what is going on with your cat. These tests will provide the veterinarian with the information he or she needs to best care for the needs of your cat. Sometimes there is medication to take care of the problem. Research is constantly being done for these illnesses.

Cat Increased Water Consumption

These are just a few of the illnesses that can cause an increase of water intake in a cat. There are other things that can do it to. For example, a very hot day can cause a cat to drink water a lot to prevent the cat from getting heat stroke and to keep cool.

If you are uncertain the best thing to do is take your cat to the veterinarian and have it get a physical exam so you know everything is ok. This will put your mind at ease and will save your cat too. Always be sure to give your cat fresh water daily.

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