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cat behavior problems

Cat Behavior Problems Explained!

You might get disturbed if your cat is not behaving normally. Sudden change in the behavior of your cat is not a petty issue and should be dealt seriously. Many of the problems associated with cat behavior can be solved with a little care and affection towards them. Basic need is to find out the cause behind the disturbance of cats. They might not be feeling well or they might be wishing some extra care from you. Finding out the right cause of cat behavior problems is more important than providing the treatment. Effectiveness of the treatment depends upon the right diagnosis of the problem.

General behavior problems:

Cats consider them free to express what they feel, what they want to say and what they need with help of their attitude. The change of their behavior shows some issue, requirement or some other thing accordingly. Some of the general behavior problems of cats are following ones.

  • Aggressiveness

Getting angry is a natural thing. Cats also show their anger with help of their face expressions and their body language clearly. However, if your cat is always showing the angry face and expressing his aggressiveness in variety of ways this shows that he needs some kind of treatment.

  • Getting lonely

Cats feel happy to play with others and to remain in company of their owners and family members. If your cat is showing resistance to play with others and prefers to remain alone then this is an indication of abnormal behavior. So, you must take it seriously.

cat behavior problems

  • Continuous scratching or marking

Scratching is a common and natural habit of cats. It is part of their normal attitude. They feel strong, confident and happy to scratch their favorite objects. However, if your cat is showing his dislike to scratch the scratching posts or is running to put marks at the different objects and household items take into account this behavioral problem seriously and find out the right reason behind such abnormality.

  • Urinating at different places

Using the litter box is the part of the behavior of cats. If you find your cat denying using the litter box or urinating at other various places this can be the sign of some kind of problem with him.

Reasons behind behavioral problem:

Cats change their behaviors owing to some reasons which can be the attraction of your attention, physical problems, emotional problems or physical problems. There is a sound logic behind every change of attitude. Not only care and affection from the owner but also medication is necessary for the cats. Change in environment, leaving the friends, change of owners and sharing of attention by other pet animals can also be the reasons behind the behavior problem.


Medication for the behavior problems of cats are found effective in solving out the variety of cats problems. Proper medication leaves your cat normal and happy within few sessions. You need to get the guidance and prescription from the vets for reducing the distress and reaction of the cat for some other change in his surroundings.

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